The Best of Agile Development Process while Overcoming Key Concerns

In general, it is popularly known that agile is the methodology with very less scope or even no document process to initiate software development but Agile stand out to be more flexible to decide with multiple variable development practices based on project variables and requirements. Right from initial business and system analysis to planning the development stages, resources, and team, adopting certain sprints or iterations in line with the full-scale tentative projection leading towards smooth development process, achieving quality software product.

Agile Methodology

However, once the development starts then there are key concerns to overcome with such flexibility that allows active collaboration with stack holders for feedback, frequent change or adding a new requirement, approval even before completion of the iteration. This is the point where the development process lags often.  Sometimes going back to an initial stage for change or adding new requirement mean modifying or creeping the scope, in this situation touching the base, rolling back into documentation, taking the time to analyze key objectives, business analysis with detailed scope certainly eliminating such unexpected immediate change, further helping to stabilize the next iterations. Integrating testing process simultaneously reducing the risk of development failure this means avoiding big fix in future.

A frequent release of the product requires to sign off with UAT (user acceptance testing) for each release before initiating next process sometimes this turns into long waiting and time-consuming to hold the team, if the project cost is fixed then this result into loss of estimated cost and time but project cost and time flexible by time and resources then it is up to stack holders how to control the time and cost advantage. Critically with the fix cost project time, the gap between the release and initiating next stage development is a challenge to control the time and cost. Depend on the project size, scopes, key requirement it helpful to decide what engagement model is more suitable to adopt to avoid big loss of time and cost advantage that neutralize benefits scaling for stack holders and development team.

Indeed, considering all key concerns with a suitable mix of best practices to get best out of agile methodology to develop a quality software product in less time and cost with ongoing close collaboration between stack holders and development team to achieve better results and highest level client satisfaction, Agile is the sensitive practice then just a development methodology.