Onsite IT Consulting Services

We provide onsite consulting services on the projects that deem the necessity for successful completion. The onsite visits are planned in consultation with the client after discussing the project requirement and the cost versus benefit analysis.


Need for Onsite Consulting in Software development


Based on the stage and the requirements of the project the onsite visit can come at any time on the project. Two most common phases that require onsite consultation are at the time of requirement gathering and at the time of deployment. At both these times our team will help the client team with expert advise and give the correct direction to the project. The need for onsite consultation can also arise if a new phase of a project is being initiated which requires some sort of training for our team.


Procedures for Onsite Consulting


For the onsite visit, the client will need to provide all the necessary documentation required for the travel documents. We shall work in tandem with the immigration authorities stationed here to list all the travel requirements.


The costs of traveling and daily expenditures of the consultant are borne by the client unless a different agreement governs the costs incurred. The hourly billing of onsite consultant will be different from the regular offshore development and consultation billing. This information will be intimated to the client before the onsite visit in finalized.


Onsite visits are often crucial to the success of Enterprise software application development projects where offshore consultants cannot do justice to the requirements without a one on one interactions with the software application users.


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