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Role of Consulting in IT & software development
Consulting forms the back-bone of IT. With most of the IT work being outsourced to specialist vendors, it has become one of the most critical stage of software development.

Consulting in IT domain refers to the communication that goes on between the business client as well as the software vendor as they collectively work towards building a software solution. It is the window through which the vendor peeps into the client’s ongoing business processes and evaluates its development options. If the window does not offer the right view or perspective of the client organization, the development effort will probably not address the actual issues.

Pre requisites to provide quality IT consulting
Consulting requires a complete understanding of the client function. This can be process specific or the entire business lifecycle based what the software application intends to deliver and to whom. The consulting team understands the client problems and limitations and lays them down as requirements. It understands what consequences the proposed solution will have on particular resources and on the entire organization. It has the onus of collecting scattered information blocks, putting them together and communicating them to their internal teams. The team proposes and develop the most optimized solutions give the client constraints.

Our company in IT consulting
IT consulting is the forte of iSummation. With the help of our high technical aptitude and good communication skills, we offer the best consulting standards in business. We offer on-site and off –site consulting based on client /project requirements.

Gain the benefit of our skilled experts in these essential stages of improving your business effectiveness:

  • Assessment of your current business processes
  • Process optimization and enhancement study
  • Development of policies, procedures and controls
  • Oversee implementation
  • Training and coaching
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