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IT Outsourcing a major trend in Business
‘Global’ is the business buzz word these days. The marketplace is global and so is the competition. This only goes to prove that the survivor can profit on a unimaginable scale and a looser will be wiped out. The billionaire club is no longer a territory of elusive family run steel and retail businesses, it is now splattered with a bevy of talents from all sorts of business. These are the people who have managed to break the mould and thought resourceful ways of maximizing the value for money for the customer. Probably one such idea led to the origin of outsourcing, and the rest is history.

Outsourcing as it stands today
Outsourcing today has almost become synonymous with IT. From corporate giants to the start-up next door, everyone has at least an opinion about outsourcing, if not first hand experience.

The advantages of outsourcing
Outsourcing has proved to be a boon for companies which were weighed down by heavy IT costs. These companies let their imaginations run loose on what they need from their application as they know that budgets are no longer a cause of worry. With the rapid leaps in internet infrastructure in the past decade, the common problems in outsourcing structures have also been ironed out. As a result today many companies outsource the entire projects and sometimes the IT department itself ( subject to company requirements).

Outsourcing of IT management and consulting has now become a tried and tested success formula for many. By cutting down on management staff costs and increasing the flexibility of the outsourcing partners, companies have realized that it’s a win-win scenario.

Our software development outsourcing services
Our company offers Outsourced IT management services for specialized projects.

  • We are also equipped for managing all IT functions in an outsourced set-up (Subject to set-up constraints).
  • We have a team of skilled project managers who act as proxy management representatives of the client.
  • Project Management teams function dedicatedly for a client.
  • Dedicated teams the client systems inside out and are also available on-site for the client.
  • They manage the development effort off-shore and ensure that the development effort is on track and in tune with client needs.
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