Solving Engineering Document Management Problems Part II

Learn how our Engineering / CAD document management software solves the common problems faced by engineering companies in project document management

Problem 1: Ever increasing engineering data, file types & file numbers

There is virtually no end to the numbers and formats of files that are produced in an average engineering project. With a variety of file processing tools used one needs a management system that can handle any file type in the world. A similar requirement exists in the file numbers. There should be no limitations on how many files the document management systems can store and manage efficiently

The answer : Limitless document management
Our Document Management software system allow you to store ANY engineering file format in the system. It supports all spatial data formats like point cloud files, CAD drawing files, 3D spatial data, Microsoft word documents or any file type that you use. A similar freedom exists in storage file numbers. The database of our document management software is robust and scalable to adapt to the increasing data and file volume. The engineering application performance is completely unaffected even if millions of files exist in the database.

Problem 2: Engineering Data access management and secure file views

Document security and access management are mandatory for any project but the requirement are even more complex and stringent in case of engineering project data management. The files need to go through multiple people and departments for various document processing needs. These files then need to be transferred securely across various locations. Secure Data views by clients and other stakeholders at remote locations are required for the documents that are generated at the client site or during point cloud file processing.

The answer : Document Workflow Management & Access rights management

Document security and access management are the core areas of focus in our document management software. An administrator or the project manager is provided complete control over the routing and rights management of the various documents of an engineering project. He can define the access rights on the files through various document workflow stages. The access rights of a user change once the file passes his level. Clients are offered read only views over secure connections. All document and data transfers are encrypted to ensure data security.

Problem 3: Global Data, Document Access

It is unrealistic to expect that all projects can be managed from a single location. Clients are based at different locations a lot of data needs to be ported form remote client locations to the data processing experts. Engineering document & data is usually large and highly secure. Transferring the data is often a pain due to the data volume and security concerns. The processed data then travels through multiple locations and is accessed by different people across the globe. A global data delivery model is a mandatory requirement for any engineering project data & document management software

The answer : Web based document management system
Web enabled document management software is the apt solution for the requirements of global data delivery in engineering document management. We have developed a web based document management system that is highly secure to ensure safe and optimized data portability and data views. A Smart Data Transfer technology is used so that porting, file upload and download is no longer a pain. Files can be stacked for upload, data transfers can be paused and resumed transfer priorities can be set (Read more on smart data transfer). Clients, engineers, project managers, scanning operators and other stakeholders can access data hassle free.

Problem 4: Messages and Notifications on document workflow and other activity

Users related to project constantly need to be updated on the status of the document. They need to know whether they are required to review a document or any changes they performed are approved or not. All activity related to new file uploads etc needs to be monitored by project managers. The Document management system needs to be tightly integrated with the user messaging systems, emails or SMS etc.

The answer: Auto Noification integration with Document worklow management

Our document management software comes with an internal messaging service which is integrated with the Data Management software. This allows the logged in users to communicate with the other users using e-mails without having to use an external mailing tool. The messaging service interface is similar to regular e mail interfaces.

The DMS software can also be integrated with short messaging services. This ensures that the concerned users are sent a message at pre-specified event in the workflow. For example a Project Manager receives a message when a file is modified and processed by a processing operator or when a file is uploaded from client location by a Scan operator.

Problem 5: Customizations and Web Services integration

There are several requirements that are unique to an organization and cannot be justified in standard document management products or solutions. Similarly organizations work with a variety of software and hardware tools that need to be synchronized with the Document management system to produce effective results.

The answer : Custom document management system

To manage unique document management requirements, we offer engneering software customization services that help build a DMS that is best suited or company needs. You can customize the access requirements, file views, document Workflow process and design new plug ins to meet unique requirements

We offer web services integration with our web enabled document management system so that it can work with a variety of systems to produce the most useful results for your business.


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