Document Management needs in various industries

Engineering Construction document management software requirements
Architects, designers, engineers, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers must coordinate their efforts across multiple locations to work effectively on their projects. Varied file types and software used which compounds the problems further. A single document management system must be robust enough to handle such scenarios without retiring its focus on the need of a performance oriented system.

The requirements of engineering construction industry are such that they require a central repository for all information that is produced and processed daily. The access to this data pool should be managed by strong access rules that change in real time based on the state and stage of project information.

Geographic data management software and solutions
Geographical document management solutions require the ability to manage spatial data effectively. Large numbers of files in different formats need to be managed and an information system type of model needs to be developed to gather maximum advantage of the data available. The GIS software must efficiently handle CAD drawings and other 2D and 3D data. Our document management software is the perfect fit for the needs of geographic data management

Petroleum and Refineries document and data management software needs
Like the manufacturing industry, data storage and file volume management remains the main concern for this industry. Managing large volumes of large files is a challenge. Even bigger is the challenge of ensuring powerful data security measures and speedy access to information. An Electronic document management system is the best answer to all these problems.

Multimedia data storage and document management software needs
Multimedia industry is plagued with the problem of ever increasing files which are very large in size. Storage and management of such large volumes of data is an issue . Another issue is the varying file formats that need to be stored. Engineering drawing CAD document management is required and so is faster search.

Manufacturing document management software needs
Manufacturing industry faces several document management and storage issues. These problems range from file storage and retrieval to data management costs, compliance needs and workflow management. A paper based document management and filing system is no longer economically and environmentally viable. The best option for the industry is to adapt to the challenges by opting for an electronic document management system.


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