Engineering Document Management Software : features

Most Standard Document and File Management Solutions are NOT suitable for Engineering Document Management Software requirements.

Engineering document Management is different and often much more challenging than the conventional Document Management. Files like CAD drawings, engineering drawings, 3D modeling point cloud files, scanned documents, animation files etc. can hardly be handled with a standard DMS solution.

Quick Features of our Engineering DMS solution:

  • Large file size Management
  • Unlimited file upload support
  • Supports any file extension
  • Zipping and File Compression
  • File thumb previews
  • File data encryption
  • Web based and Desktop plug-ins
  • Web services integration
  • Speedy and resumable file transfer system
  • E mail and SMS integration
  • Access rights and privilege management based on user profile
  • File level access
  • Document Workflow Management
  • Document Version Management
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Quick Data Access
  • Enhanced Data Search features
  • Remote data upload and download features
  • Data Security and IP based access
  • Strong reporting tools


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