Document management software : Useful Features

Our Specialized engineering document management software provides some more useful feature that aid better document management for industries. These features better data management and security.

Audit Trails
Document and Data management activity needs to be tracked effectively in organization to ensure that the data is being managed securely. Our DMS has a built in audit trail feature that records activity log by user and by file, making it easy to track the history of file changes.

Reporting Tools
Detailed reporting and Analysis tools available with our document management software. Statistics like number of files uploaded, average file sizes, number of users accessing a file etc. are available. Project specific reports can be generated to enable better project document monitoring and management. ‘Save Search’ feature so that users can quickly access frequently searched data

Quick Data Access
The user interface allows speedy content access and fast learning graph. Document storage and display structure is similar to windows tree structure allowing faster location of files and data. Ajax based interface so that web application has desktop like speeds

Personalized user pages
A personalized home page view is available for application users. They can see only the data relevant to them like the projects they are working on currently. On searching they only see the search results for files they have access on. All locked documents are explicitly marked . Such features provide the user the convenience of searching and managing his data quickly and easily

Customize Application Interface
The document management system interface can be quickly customized to match the client corporate look. Other interface customizations are easily performed.


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