Smart Data Transfer (SDT) for Engineering document management

  • The user can simply log-in to the application, and upload or download data files ranging from MBs to several Gigabytes
  • The SDT is a desktop application with a smart client that allows file transfer in background while a user works on other applications. The performance of other running applications is not affected by upload/download operations
  • SDT makes most optimal use of bandwidth eliminating any unnecessary load on user applications and ensuring maximum resource utilization for all applications working on the user PC.
  • Multiple File Upload facility – A user can queue up all the files to be uploaded
  • Sequencing : In the multiple upload/download process, user can specify the sequence or priority in which the transfers will take place.
  • SDT ensures that heavy files are transferred at much higher speeds than Normal FTP.
  • A Resume Feature is provided so that the transfer need to be started over again in case the net connection snaps in the middle of file transfer
  • The File is transferred using the highly secure HTTP protocol and data transferred is encrypted


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