Engineering Document Management software : Solving Problems

Engineering document management is not simply limited to proper storage of documents. The process is far more complicated and includes proper management of access rights that must change as the file moves from one stage to the other. Size and volume of is another concern that needs to be addressed by the Document Management System.

Here is how our DMS framework solves all the Project Document Management and workflow problems faced by engineering companies:

Large File Size Problems

Engineering firms handle files of varying sizes everyday. The files range from CAD drawings to MS documents and other digital content. These can be as small as a few KB word document or a several GB image file generated by a scanner. With a spectrum of file sizes to handle, the user is unnecessarily limited and hassled by generic upload tools which act as a performance bottleneck.

>> File Size Management Solution

We have developed an Electronic document management system that is smart and modifies its file handling approach based on the file size. User can preview image thumbs before actually downloading the file. The DMS user sees the same GUI for all the files he processes but at the backend document handling processes varies for based on the file size.

Users who upload large files on regular bases use a Smart Client that manages file upload in the background WITHOUT affecting the performance of applications already running (Using BITS ) For users who handle smaller files the application allows multiple file uploads. Upload sequencing can also be set. . This is a perfect set-up for engineering project data management where file sizes vary tremendously

Heavy files can be compressed and zipped to deliver most optimal performance. These techniques can reduce file size of heavy files using Compression and decompression for large Files like PDF, TIFF, CAD, point clouds etc.

Upto 56% performance improvement can be achieved using these techniques

Complex Document workflow Requirements

Most project related documentation is never processed in a predictable sequence. On the spot decisions are taken by the project manager on project to project basis. With multiple data operators, supervisors and clients as stakeholders in the process, basic workflow and accessibility mechanisms fail in this scenario

>> Workflow Management Solution

A document workflow function in our engineering document management system takes care of the transient user access rights in the workflow. The position of the users in the Workflow defines his rights on a document. The DMS workflow follows multi-step approval. The documents travel between various people in different departments. Revisions and approvals are stored with related notes and comments.

An administrator or project manager can categorize users groups and can accordingly assign them roles in the document’s routing. Workflows can be created, modified and saved for future use.

DMS in the existing set-up

Accommodating a new application into an existing IT set-up can be a nightmare. Installations, hardware/software compatibility and security hassles are just some of the issues

>> Web based DMS software with web services

A web based Document management system is an answer to most technical challenges related to a new application. With no installation required, no hardware and software compatibility issues, it is as hassle free as technology can get.

Running on a secure port, we have designed the system in such a way that the overall security of project data is boosted. With the ‘ready to use’ advantage of web application, there come the inherent advantages of a web based application of global access

Document Searching and Indexing

Searching large documents and linking them to the appropriate data is a function that puts to test the entire purpose of having an electronic document management system.

>> Ajax based web application software

Speedy generation of accurate search results and the ability to save searches for fast access to most frequented data is a highly useful feature of the DMS. A user can review auto generated small sized image thumbs of very large files to ensure they are accessing the correct data. Users can search images by category, name, keywords, date of creation, user attributes etc making searching faster and less cumbersome. AJAX technology is provided to ensure that the users quickly get to what files they need.

Our Online electronic data management solution facilitates Auto meta information generation. Manual meta info linking procedures can be applied for making images and data searchable.

Document Versioning and Rollback

Document check in/out still leaves a gaping challenge in terms of reverting changes that have already been made. Once a document is checked in, some data may be lost forever

>> Document version management

Data is NEVER deleted in Project document management system. Every time a change is made, a newer version of the file is generated. All previous versions are attached with the file as meta information and can be accessed in a single mouse-click (Roll-Back). Versioning and rollback facility is of utmost importance to organizations where information loss is unacceptable. The entire document modification history can be traced through its versions with a the ID of the modifier stamped on it

Check In /Check Out for avoiding concurrent access

The most frustrating moment for a user is to see all his changes and hard work over-written by another peer who was accessing the same file at the same time

>> Concurrent access management features

The DMS solution must act as an arbitrator, not letting multiple users modify the same document at the same time. Editing operations can be performed only once a document has been checked out (a state where peers can open it in ‘Read Only’ mode). Checking in the document makes it available again for editing. Using this traditional approach of document access, users can view which user is currently editing the document. The document checking out can be subject to access rights


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