File Management System

Management and transfer of very large / heavy files has perplexed many companies. Various firms produce very large size files that are difficult to store, modify and manage. Such files include those in cad, tiff, PDF, etc. formats.
Our File and Document Management system addresses this problem. Enhanced Ajax based features are employed to add speed to document access and transfer. High importance has also been given to document security management.
Below are some of the features of the file / document Manager
  • Reduce file size of heavy files using Compression and decompression for large Files like PDF, TIFF, CAD, point clouds etc.
  • Viewing and setting of attributes and meta information
  • Extended Ajax based search facilities
  • Web based editor of text files
  • Zipping/UnZipping files, viewing zip files . Extracting whole archive or only some items from it.
  • Strict File access and file security rules
  • Web Browser based interface in addition to desktop interface. The Web browser based interface allowing accessibility over the Intranet as well as over the Internet. Allows easy Remote Access.
  • Check-in/checkout feature to block others users on the network from trying to edit a document that you are currently working on.
  • File Locking and check-in check-out features allow tackling precisely these problems
  • Document Versioning feature allows ability to retrieve an older state of the document. Time stamps on document versions.
  • Encryption of Highly secure documents
  • User Logs and Audit Trail features to trace the date of change and the user who made the change
  • Meta Information for document Indexing and search
  • Meta Information added or modified at any time
  • Data Importing and Exporting in multiple formats
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