CAD Document Management Software

Use the benefits of our enterprise engineering document management software for CAD drawings and document management. Elaborate document and workflow management features help the software provide better management of CAD files and documents

  • The DMS solution helps store unlimited CAD drawing files and documents – All engineering documents are stored on the local infrastructure.A powerful database allows storage of millions of heavy engineering project files
  • Conveniently upload and download files –Upload multiple files at a time from remote locations. Set the order of upload, pause and resume uploads, auto resume if net connection snaps. Highly secure document uploads. All this is using our File Transfer system tool
  • Manage User access to engineering drawing files and other data – Administrator defines the access rights of the users. As the user logs into the application, the permissions within the system are granted as per your logon account.
  • Manage file revisions and access using highly flexible document workflow management – Project leaders and managers create workflows for their project; define the access rights of users at various stages in file processing. Read only views created so that vendors, purchasing staff, construction workers, and so forth — can view and use the data
  • Review CAD File Image thumbs – Review a large file and its meta information before opening to save download time and resources.
  • Global File access – Manage your 3D spatial data globally using our web based document management software solution. You just need a computer and a net connection to start managing your CAD documents
  • No file size limitations – The file size is no longer a performance bottleneck. Manage files several gigabytes in size without performance bottlenecks
  • Data Security – Ensure maximum data storage security and highly secure data transfers.
  • Versioning and Rollback –Create versions for all the files and never lose any data. Rollback to desired version
  • Change Management Features – Document locking features assure that two users do not end-up modifying the same document at the same time. Version control along with document checking in allows only one user to modify one document at a time
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