Web based CAD Document Management Software

Current Status of CAD documents
Volumes of CAD drawing files produced in big corporate set-ups are normally dumped on network drives, seldom found again in the deluge of data. We’ve got better computer platforms, infrastructure, technical and database tools, yet we still dump files into folders and ZIP them just to be forgotten.

Challenges in managing CAD files
The biggest problem with CAD document management is how to manage move large CAD, engineering drawing, agreements and other scanned documents or files (some several gigabytes in size) to and from remote locations

  • Which files need to be moved?
  • Who has the most recent versions of the file?
  • When was the last change made and by whom?
  • How to manage access to the files?
  • What about document security and secure transfer?

There are plenty of Engineering Document Management Software that claim to solve these problems. But most CAD Document Management solutions are developed for Intranet and LANs. Such solutions fail on internet where large files need to be uploaded or downloaded.

Web based CAD Document management
We have developed a DMS tool for sharing project documents with a distributed working team at remote locations. A Web based interface that looks very much like Windows File Explorer lets you browse for files within various projects stored. The accessibility is managed using the privilege granted to the logged in users

What the CAD Data or File Management Solution does:

  • Helps Organize your files large or small irrespective of file type (names, paths)
  • Secure your files against unauthorized access
  • Easily search through file stacks and access file history
  • Create an event log related to file to understand evolution of changes
  • Develop workflow for engineering documents and other project files
  • Make them accessible outside office premises
  • Integrate Management system with hardware and software components


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