Benefits of using engineering document management software

Avail the benefits of CAD document and drawing management using completely customizable document management software that is built exclusively for engineering companies. Built using the reliable client server architecture, it is scalable to meet the growing needs of your organization

  • Store all your files and documents at a single location
  • Quickly upload large files (upto several gigabytes in size)
  • Upload files from remote client locations and download at other locations securely
  • Timestamp all file activity with username
  • Search files using powerful AJAX based real time search tools
  • Search files using meta information automatically added by the software
  • Preview file image thumbs before downloading
  • Prevent erroneous document duplication
  • Share and distribute files
  • Lock files so that only one user works makes modification at a time
  • Manage all types of files like AUTOCAD drawings, 3D laser scanned files, Microsoft documents etc
  • Create projects and assign files to projects
  • Allow complete control to project managers on their projects
  • Create highly flexible document workflows
  • Define File level access rules, not just folder or directory level
  • Create and manage file version history
  • Restore any previous state of the file with easy rollback
  • Provide file read only views for clients
  • Manage millions of documents efficiently using robust database
  • Import all existing data into the new document management system quickly
  • Import privilege user right information from active directory
  • Integrate with internal mailing systems to automate notifications and feedback
  • Manage internet/Intranet file systems
  • Customize the application based on organization needs

More unique features in our document management software which make it the most suitable solution for CAD document management and management of other engineering files and documents. It works smoothly as a complete project document management software for image data viewing and management


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