Document Management Software for Very Large Files

People who work on engineering documents, engineering drawings, multimedia, geographic software etc are familiar with problems that arise when handling very large and heavy files. Be it time taking uploading/downloading or cumbersome file transfer, the issues remain the same across the board.

Our DMS is customizable Document management system software that addresses needs of such workplaces, where the typical file size is above 1 GB. We have carefully taken note of all the small and big problems related to this scenario and have incorporated work-around for heavy file size management and transfer. We have developed a State of the art File Transfer system (FTS) tool that makes file uploads easier, faster and more secure.

  • Relax while your file uploads Using: With our Document Management System, file uploading/ downloading ceases to become the pain in the neck it used to be. You can sleep, grab a snack, catch up with a friend, complete some other pending work – do virtually anything when the files are uploading. The following features ensure that you don’t have to hover around anymore:
  • Auto Resume In case the internet connection is disrupted mid-way during the file transfer, don’t fret. Our System will take resume the file download from the point it stopped when it was disconnected.
  • Multiple File Upload
    One can queue up all the files he or she wants transfer. All these requests will be catered to one by one. Hence you don’t need to be around every time one transfer is completed
  • Set Transfer priority
    During the multiple upload/download process, you can specify the sequence or priority with which the document transfers will take place. These transfers will occur in the same order
  • Easy Searching
    There are several fancy features when searching through documents. But most of these fail in large file size scenarios especially when each file is only slightly different from the other. In such scenarios, the meta information of each file in quite similar and providing image previews is really helpful. Our powerful document management software has a search and preview facility available that helps in such scenarios. Several options are provided for filtering data sets.


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