Document Management system Integration

Manage ANY File and document format
Engineering project files come in hundreds of formats. The file formats are often customary to varied companies from where any software solutions are picked up. For example engineering companies employ varied hardware (like scanners, printers etc.) and image processing software to prepare and manage data for their clients. The vendors are different and each solution generates data in its own proprietary format. Any document management software that limits the number of file formats that can be handled by it, severely hinders an ability of an organization to embrace new and more progressive technologies.

Our Document management software solution treats all files as ‘Data’ and so it works with all file formats. Which means it is ready for all the existing file formats and will easily support any formats that may be used in the organization in future. This ensures that our Document management solution tackles these issues effectively to deliver results for the DMS users without limiting their ability to opt for better and progressive solutions

Integrate with Legacy and Future applications
The next problem that arises is to ensure proper integration of varied hardware and software with the DMS Solution. For e.g. the DMS should be able to integrate with image viewing software to ensure seamless integration for efficient file handling. Again a limit in the ability to integrate with different legacy and new software directly impacts the productivity of the software involved by increasing manual processes.

Web services Integration connecting web and desktop applications
iSummation electronic document management system has an integrated web services module which opens it up with integration with any web services enabled hardware or software. Web services is a web standard using which software communicate and invoke activity in each other. This is a reliable communication protocol to ensure communication between company systems.

No hardware or software installation required

No hardware needs to be bought or software needs to be bought to start benefiting from our electronic document management solution. Since it is a web based application, a computer an internet connection is all that is required to start using the system. In case need arises, desktop plug-ins are available to make in-house functioning faster than the regular web based system.


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