Custom ERP Software for Wholesale Supplier

Custom ERP Software Development Company India
Delivered all in one web-based ERP software solution for US based wholesale supplier – An enterprise who supplies plumbing raw materials to its customers across the local geographic regions and at the same time managing the vendors for purchases of supply.


100% custom developed web ERP to manage Sales with Retail Customers, Wholesale Vendors, Employee, Stock Inventory, Orders, Payments, Deliveries, Invoice, Account Receivable, Reports and email communications in just one simple ERP with flawless capability to generate Business Intelligence Report and Data Analytics using multiple filters and sorting options as require.

Key challenge was to simplify the business process and operations for supply chain management even still using existing legacy system while delivering web-based ERP Solution that can efficiently manage full scale workflow within an integrated ERP Software including Inventory, Sales, Orders, Supply, Invoices, Payments, Deliveries, Account Receivable, Statements within Customers, Vendors and Employee Group including delivery trucks and drivers records with GPS integration.

Migrating and mapping existing legacy data into new ERP was more crucial then challenging, however, allowing a capability to still use legacy system as require while maintaining data flow into new ERP System.


An Integrated ERP Software solution included all below core features and modules within a full system flow from managing customers sales orders, Jobs sites to get all Business Intelligence Report as require using filters and data sorting features.

  • Customer info management with sales orders, invoices, payments, onsite jobs supply and real time order deliveries tracking.
  • Vendors information for inbound Supply Chain, Inventory and Payments.
  • Employee management including payroll integration calculating a real time working hours
  • Maintaining Trucks information including real time truck maintenance records and service dues information
  • Prospect lead management for future customer sales
  • Account Receivable with integrating Sales, Invoice, Payments and Statement cross capabilities to maintain by Jobs, Invoice, Calendar Month, Custom Ranges.
  • Custom invoice selection for payment and statements
  • Charge payments based on invoice selection or apply to invoices
  • Deliveries tracking in real time using GPS integration system with delivery Truck
  • Delivery SMS alerts to customers as auto-schedule before arriving
  • Jobs Module to maintain job level sales, invoice, payments, statements
  • Document management at customer, vendors, jobs, employee, Truck level
  • Email communication with user capability to set default email template
  • Calendar and auto tasks with alert emails to accomplish tasks for a specific contact
  • Handling data syncing from legacy system using import functionalities as multiple level
  • Manage inventory CAT pricing and quantity
  • Dedicate Super Admin to view KPI and Business Analytics Reports
  • Bringing information automation as a real time Business Intelligence system
  • Increasing Sales Orders, Deliveries, Inventories and Payments for the business
  • Real time analytics helping to clear pending invoice payments
  • The complete Account Receivable cross-information system on fingertips
  • Auto syncing data capability with legacy system using auto-import functions
  • Custom Reports flexibilities using multiple filters and sorting parameters
  • Bringing efficiency and productivity that ultimate helping to increase revenue and profitability for the business.
  • Huge time and cost savings

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