Top Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Frontend Development

ReactJS has taken the front-end development space by storm Ever since its launch from May 2013, Now ReactJS becomes a developer’s top-notch choice for frontend development as it is a JavaScript library built and maintained by none other than most popular social media Facebook. According to the inventor of React JS, Jordan Walke, it is an efficient, flexible, and declarative open-source JavaScript library for building simple, fast and scalable frontends of web apps.

When it comes to frontend development, developers use React JS to build high quality UI for web applications as it allows developers to place HTML code in a Java Script and it can work with Virtual DOM.

Even the latest survey report issued by Stack Overflow also revealed that React JS is the most wide-used framework, while Angular ranked 9th on the same list.

If you are still not convinced why you should use React JS for frontend development projects, in this blog you will find 5 major reasons to choose this framework for your next in-house or client projects.

React JS For your Next Project:

According to, with over 10,000 corporate websites currently using React, there should be a good reason for it. So, what made this popular front-end technology so popular? Having successfully delivered multiples React Projects here at iSummation, our experts can clearly explain the number of benefits of this tool. However, React has become a roaring success in the development world.

Simple to learn

One of the most important reasons why developers like to utilise ReactJS is because it is simple to learn. Because knowing this technology is not difficult, developers can quickly start working with it. ReactJS is straightforward to learn because it is a very simple library with plenty of easy-to-understand tutorials available online.

User-Friendly User Interface

ReactJS allows developers to create sophisticated user interfaces. It’s critical to have a high-quality user interface in the software or app because a poorly designed UI isn’t usually user-friendly. Because a web app’s popularity is influenced by its user interface, it’s crucial for businesses to pay attention to it.

Data Binding & Reusability of Code

React may be used to create an Android web app and allows for code reuse. It makes use of one-side data binding and flux, an app design that manages data flow from a single location. This functionality is highly useful for web app development and can greatly assist developers.

Thriving Community

The library was created at Facebook and is still supported and maintained by the company as well as over 1,000 individual contributors across the world. React is a dependable and up-to-date technology thanks to a dynamic community and strong corporate support.

React JS currently has 136,079 stars on Github and 1,331 active contributors. Industry experts are also constantly providing free React tutorials on YouTube and authoring in-depth React instructional articles and blogs on the internet.

Efficient Development Tools

ReactJS comes with a robust toolkit that includes efficient and user-friendly design, development, and debugging capabilities. These ReactJS developer tools work in browsers like Chrome and Firefox, and they allow developers to analyse their code in the V-DOM and trace the hierarchy of multiple components.

Fast Rendering

When you’re building a complex, high-load app, it becomes mandatory to define the right structure of a web app in the starting since it can have a huge impact on the app performance.

The DOM Model in React JS is tree-structure and a minor change at a higher-level layer can awfully impact the UX of an application. To solve this Facebook has introduced a virtual DOM feature.

Virtual representation of DOM that allows testing all changes to the virtual DOM first to calculate risk with each modification.

This fast-rendering approach helps to create high app performance and guarantees the best user experience.

Trusted by Great Companies

Facebook, Dropbox, Khan Academy, Code Academy, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Walmart, Tesla Motors, IMDb, and more well-known companies and start-ups use React. React is used in a slew of well-known apps.

Why is this front-end software or website development technology being used by so many excellent companies and start-ups? The answer is that it is a high-quality frontend development tool.

Given that React is used by such well-known organisations as Facebook and PayPal, it must be a very helpful library.

Great for SEO

A major challenge faced by other JavaScript frameworks is that most of them are not SEO friendly in the current time. It is what sets the ReactJS technology apart, as in this library, your software or web app developers can get back the virtual DOM rendered as a regular webpage. It helps in improving the search engine rankings of your business website.

ReactJS Use Cases

Not all frameworks and libraries will be the right choice for your project. They can be great tools but may not be the ideal choice for your company’s or client’s development work. Thanks to the above listed reasons, React JS has gained a huge demand over the last 4 years. The list of companies using React is constantly growing. React was designed for ”developing large scale web apps with data that changes over time”. Thus, the best use cases for React application include the following:

  • Large scale projects
  • Single-page applications
  • Dynamic Web Apps
  • Complex UIs
  • Cross-platform Apps

On the other hand, using React JS on static business or personal blogs could be unjustified.

If you are looking to build web solutions for your company or brand, contact the highly skilled development team at iSummation Technologies for a free quote.  Our software development company has a team of highly experienced ReactJS developers who can assist you in developing your customised web app.

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