Top reasons to choose NodeJS Development

More developers and businesses are using a NodeJS backend to power their web and mobile apps than ever before. NodeJS development is going from strength to strength and gaining in popularity as the programming language of choice for many reasons. Like all other technologies it has its share of both advantages and disadvantages. NodeJS web development companies are thriving due to the suitability of the tech for the needs of new age applications. Efficiency and effectiveness are two key terms to use when talking about NodeJS development.

Good to learn about Node.js?

Node.js is a JavaScript framework and runtime environment for servers, it is event-driven and one of the primary characteristics of the tech is its non-blocking I/O capacity.

You can download Node.js from its website for free and as per certain reports Node.js powers almost 1.9% of all websites out there. Considering the immense vastness of the internet and the plethora of competing technologies, which is a more impressive figure than it sounds. One key feature of Node.js that is behind its great popularity is that it makes developing web apps with intensive use of data and I/O easy and efficient. Though Node.js is itself not a JavaScript framework but both NodeJS backend and frontend support the latter which opens new possibilities for online apps.

Why NodeJS Development?

Mobile Friendly

This is the connected age where most people remain connected to the internet through a wide number of connected and smart devices. Accordingly, apps must be user-friendly even if the user is on a mobile device, which he or she usually indeed is. The efficiency of the Node.js tech ensures that web apps remain adaptable and efficient to most internet users who today primarily use

mobile devices to remain connected. Further, Node.js is well-known for their stability with minimal crashes. Node.js also facilitates the work of developers by making the creation of responsive websites fast and easy.


Scalability is yet another winning characteristic of Node.js which makes it perfectly suited for start-up firms. It integrates seamlessly with the majority of microservice architectures while providing enhanced flexibility. Node.js lets you split app logic into several, small modules which makes the process of adding more modules a whole lot easier. As things stand today, developers

prefer Node.js over any other technology if they need to develop microservice software solutions. Additionally, Node.js also makes it possible for developers to scale apps both horizontally as well as vertically.

Swift Development Process

Node.js speeds up the entire development process which is another feather in its cap that makes it widely attractive for start-ups and new apps. It comes with a bountiful of tools that cut down on the development time and it also stands out by its light and minimal footprint. A wide variety of libraries and solutions are available on the NPM registry. Developers can create apps

and software solutions with them besides reusing available templates. Doing so brings down the number of bugs in the app and it’s size by a significant amount. All these factors contribute towards making the time-to-market a whole lot shorter.

Real-Time Applications

Real-time applications work in as suggested by the name, work in real-time to perform tasks. Messaging apps, collaborative apps like Google Docs, online games are just some examples of real-time applications. Incidentally, the Node.js architecture makes it easy to develop real-time apps including all the three types we mention. Latency is a critical factor for such apps and the low levels of latency of

Node.js makes it especially suitable for such apps. The tech can manage several requests which makes the syncing of data between servers and clients a whole lot faster.

Community Support

Node.js enjoys having a special foundation, the Node.js Foundation, meant to develop, maintain, and provide support the technology. The foundation began its work back in 2015. Key figures from industry stalwart businesses ranging from IBM to Microsoft are members of the foundation.

The community surrounding the tech is thriving and thousands of developers contribute actively to further develop the tech. Node.js is a future-proof tool and it is not feasible to highlight all the advantages it brings to the table within the confines of a single article. However, we can utilize a few use cases to highlight how greatly the technology benefits developers.

App Customization

When you use the NodeJS backend making modifications to your apps becomes so much easier. Not only is the ability to quickly and efficiently modifying apps an advantage but is an absolute must for apps that are trying to gain traction. With a modular structure developers can use different sets of tools to develop each module. The flexibility and adaptability of Node.js

makes adopting the modular structure easier which in turn makes customizing apps easy and development fast.

Top examples of NodeJS Solution:


Netizens, especially people who use the internet to make financial transactions are well-aware of PayPal, the globally operating platform for making online payments. Digital transactions are the way forward and PayPal played a crucial role in this huge shift. The firm upgraded its platform to the open-source Node.js and JavaScript framework at a point in the recent past. PayPal was able make their service structure modular resulting in faster delivery.


Groupon is a big player in the e-commerce sector. Groupon too opted for a Java, Node.js and Ruby to replace its earlier tech stack of Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP to function as the back-end service of the platform. Scalability, low learning curve and reusability of code are some of the prominent reasons that drove this shift.


A prominent example of businesses using Node.js would be Netflix. The service shifted their backend technology to Java to Node.js to better their online experience. JavaScript powers the Netflix frontend and the seamless integration of the tech with Node.js was another critical factor that led to the decision.

Dow Jones

The well-known financial publisher firm Dow Jones was one of the first large enterprises to adopt the Node.js technology way back in 2011. Node.js has over the years successfully met the operating needs of the firm. It lived up to its expectations and efficient performance and low development time has been some of the key benefits for the firm.


Node.js is well-known for its exceptionally fast speed while executing tasks. Many companies of all shapes and size have adopted the tech for the considerable number of benefits it brings to the table.

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