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 Bharat Patel     Feb,08 2017

Minimize or Maximize CFWindow

Generally, In pop-up window has a minimize or maximize button but coldfusion cfwindow's has not it. We need to add after creating cfwindow. How can we done it? Have a look below code.

 var objWin = ColdFusion.Window.getWindowObject("cfwindowname")//always expand when opening a windowobjWin.expand();if (!objWin.collapseBtn){objWin.collapseBtn = objWin.toolbox.createChild({cls: "x-dlg-collapse"});//add a listener for the collapse clickobjWin.collapseBtn.on("click",objWin.collapseClick,objWin);//add the class to swap the image on mouse overobjWin.collapseBtn.addClassOnOver("x-dlg-collapse-over");}