ColdFusion Modern approach for Advanced Features

Well, we all know the importance of Web applications in the existence of this technology era. Everything is now on the internet, whether it is buying a poetry book from an e-commerce website or saving a favorite spot in a movie theatre to watch a thriller movie. We are using web applications in our daily life, but you know what matters the most, the performance, yes the performance of those web applications on which we rely to proceed out those online functions, and performance of the web applications is something which is determined by the character of its programming language used. There is a pool of programming languages out there! But what’s developers strive when it comes to picking a programming language, of course, all developers and programmers want a multi-purpose and multi-functional language that assists them to build web applications without spending any extra efforts, and this is where ColdFusion comes into developer’s minds.

Things have changed a lot with the evolution of ColdFusion, it is becoming better and better with each new version. And with the new advanced features of ColdFusion in the coming years, there’s no doubt that in future ColdFusion will take over other frameworks with its exceptional abilities. Knowing those new upcoming advanced features can be a great relief for ColdFusion developers and ColdFusion programmers to know, who are already developing web-based applications using ColdFusion development Services.

So, here are the top 3 features you can expect from ColdFusion to add in their future upgrade.

    1. Cloud Containerization

No server, yes it’s true you don’t need to carry extra expenses of keeping or running a server, with cloud containerization everything would be stored on the cloud, which ultimately saves huge cost and time of organizations.

Benefits of Cloud Containerization
Increase Performance
Easy administrating of traffic
Effortlessly Managing of Servers
Downtime can easily avoid
Improved Security and Portability
Rapid Deployment

  • Micro-Serviced Spaced for Applications


No need to rely on traditional monolithic architecture, with Micro-services developers can separate the applications into practical components and stored in different containers as they wanted.

Benefits of Micro-Serviced Architecture
Can be deployed independently using different codes
Help developers to work freely
Less effort to make changes in code base
Reduced Maintenace Cost and technical expenses
Issues can be resolved quickly


  • Common API Interface for Cloud


I think this is one of the favorite features for ColdFusion developers and ColdFusion programmers. Using a common API interface for the cloud will eliminate the need for writing the whole code again and again, which ultimately reduces their workloads and efforts to a large extent.

Benefits of using common API
Easy to integrate applications
No need to write codes again
Switch to different cloud platforms become easier for ColdFusion developers

I hope this little excerpt of my knowledge on ColdFusion future vision clearly defines its worthiness for the forthcoming years. In the competitive world of programming languages, ColdFusion could be a game-changer or could be the one who flips the way we do programming. Who knows? But one thing for sure is that the future of programming becomes brighter with the shine of ColdFusion technology.

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