Agile Development – A practice to maximize advantages

Agile is more likely a philosophical approach towards software development then just a methodology. It is smartly avoiding proscription in its precise phrasing which accepts individual client values over the process, focusing over working software over documentation, working closely in collaboration than just project contract negotiation, responding to change adopt over just following a plan.



There are multiple principles on proscriptive and prescriptive methods, Scrum is well known to implement with agile fundamental approach, overall a team must have better insight making agile a best suitable development practice for its key advantages.


Ease of Uncertainty:

The value being uncertainty is the key advantage as in the beginning don’t know everything about a project in the very early stage in contrast to more traditional waterfall like methods where exact project requirement scope to be almost completed before initiating development.

Agile is a way to ease uncertainty for major technical solution, in such case where client thinks what is being achieved so far is not something much desired or lately discovering such issues with the solutions result in uncertainty. Here applying agile fundamentals and principals allows to ease uncertainty with greater adoption in client side value before delivering solution.

Change Adoption:

Agile is the practice to adopt change so frequently, more in advantage term to achieve better software product with change adoption approach. In generic term emphasis to adopt and responding to any challenging change during the development process that avoid big change in future. Agile allows change adoption while focusing back on client side key aspect then just following predefined plans. The key advantage is that resolving many key issues quickly for better solution, reflecting sudden change in development in line with change requirement.

Fast Release and Reviews:

In well planned traditional methods releases only happen once a full development is almost completed, Agile is the way of rapid development in small iteration development allow fast release and immediate client feedback, this become advantageous in terms of incorporating feedbacks before initiating new phase or iteration, the best to implement any given feedback during the raw development itself so fast release is another agile advantage.

Time and Cost:

When best planned with a few more best practices Agile methodology proven to be more cost prohibitive quality development in less time. It depends on project size, scopes, key requirements to work on maximizing time and cost advantage, sometimes it become a transparent mutual process between the development team and project stockholders to adopt suitable best mix of practice specially maximizing a time and cost advantage.


Ideally, small and medium size software developments requirement with limited number of resources highly benefited from agile practices. Agile mean a flexible approach intensify to achieve rapid fast quality solution within limited time and cost, ultimately to achieve highest level of client satisfaction.