Rental & Sales Dual eCommerce Website Development

There are often web sites that offer both rental and sales for products and services. Technically it is pretty much like putting tool different technical software together. While the Rental Services handle recurring payments and the work differently with the payment gateway, the sales services require one time payments.

Challenges in Developing Rental and Sales eCommerce Websites
Developing these websites is a challenge technically, in terms of navigation and in terms of contact and customer history management. The system requires an integrated customer view the administrator knows that he’s dealing with the same customer immaterial of whether he has rental history, sales history or both.

The system also needs to be intelligent enough for to consolidate delivery if the customer is both renting and buying.

In terms of navigation, the customer of the website should not be confused and should be able to switch easily between the rental and the sales products.

While the Rental Products will have a different set of attributes and may be different products, the sales section may have an entirely different range of prices associated with products. The admin interface should be consolidated so that the product is entered as a single entry on the admin.

Reporting for these websites is also more complicated as the same product may be available for both renting and sales. The figure is pertaining to board sales eCommerce and rental revenues need to be displayed together.

Our expertise in developing Rental and Sales eCommerce websites
We are specialists in developing and rental and sales dual mode eCommerce websites with a shopping cart that enables management of both these modes of eCommerce revenues.

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