Software Quality Assurance and software testing

Software Quality Assurance is a mission critical task in application development and deployment. Following are the goals that must be accomplished as a part of Software quality assurance:

  • Early detection of defects resulting in reduced re-work costs
  • Continuous refinement of organization-wide goals resulting in higher productivity
  • Reduced cycle time and lower costs
  • Higher user satisfaction and lesser training overheads
  • Smooth transition to new technologies and changing business scenarios
  • Minimization of project effort and schedule overruns
  • Maintenance of integrity of all components efficiently throughout the life cycle of the project
  • Rapid resource reallocations based on changing project needs

Our company implements the following norms to ensure highest levels of software quality delivered to its clients

  • Functional testing of individual software modules and integration testing of the modules working together
  • A twin step testing mechanism involving both development and SQA groups
  • Rigorous stress testing to ensure application stability
  • Highly automated and synchronized bug resolution mechanism
  • Skilled QA resources to ensure the highest level of software quality
  • Stress on usability testing to ensure ease of application use and reduces training time
  • Evolving testing models for transient technology needs

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