Multiple Store eCommerce Webstore Software Management

Multiple Store eCommerce Webstore Software Management

High end retailers have physical store is located at multiple locations across a country or in different countries. When such businesses venture into online sales using online webstores and eCommerce systems, they need more sophisticated shopping carts that caters to their needs.

Challenges in managing Multi Store eCommerce software solution
Multiple locations stores often mean that the inventory is supplied from a central warehouse or multiple warehouses located at different places. The inventory is also often distributed between the web store and the physical store. It is imperative that each inventory item has a unique code that is uniform across all the web based shopping sites and the physical store. For this will ensure proper reporting of the sales and inventory of each item.

Another important factor that comes into play for multiple storing eCommerce systems is the availability of products on physical store is and not on the online store. The eCommerce application should be able to predict the nearest store that has the inventory for that item.

Integrating the entire eCommerce software system
Technically the entire system should be integrated into a single unit which has a web based database that interacts with multiple applications that might have done in web or desktop environments. All the data is pulled into the central location and back up at regular intervals of time. Such a sophisticated eCommerce system often requires integration with in-house systems like contact manager, CRM, ERP etc.

Custom software solutions for managing multiple store eCommerce websites
We provide sophisticated eCommerce software is that catered to the demands of large retail chains home want to have the online presence felt through a webstore. If we provide custom development services to build features that are not available in regular and generic shopping carts for better catering to specialize needs of the large retail businesses.

We are specialists at developing retail business application software.

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