Event Website and Banner Designing with CMS

Event Website and Banner Designing with CMS

Designing for an Event Website

Designing and look of an event and its related portfolio plays an important part in defining the image of the event and its placement. Uniformity of logos, themes etc. across various communication mediums is imperative. Event Management software requires an ever active and dynamic designing team. A comprehensive event management solution provides event management team with potent tools that help them quickly build merchandize, stationary, banners etc. with a uniform corporate look and theme

Our Event Management software website development & designing solution features are as follows:

  • Template and CSS based event website to allow uniform feel
  • Highly customizable templates to suit any event look
  • Drag drop template designing allowing non designers to modify website page layouts
  • Experienced website design team for sleek designs
  • Comprehensive banner management features
  • Header and Footer management to allow uniform web portal look
  • Image processing module
  • Ability to create photo galleries for event
  • Flash designing and flash Banner management

Our Event Management software system has a specialized CMS module that caters specifically to the content management needs of various webn can be used to manage multiple events through a single interface. It is developed on the ColdFusion Platform and is AJAX enabled to ensure that desktop like speeds are available on the web.


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