Content management System CMS Software for Event Websites

Events and their websites generates loads of data that needs to be viewable and modifiable by multiple users at the same time. This requires a fully loaded content management software ( CMS System) for the event websites integrated into the Event management software.

A comprehensive Content Management system is imperative when dealing large volumes of event data.

Below are some of the features of the content management software that help managing event websites very easy and smart

  • Manage several events websites using single content management interface
  • Create event websites in events using pre-defined templates, layouts and style sheets
  • Create event registration and other forms using form builder module
  • Search engine optimized event website content generation
  • Image processing and management Module
  • Allow multiple web admin users to manage events with access by event or other criteria
  • Integrate document management software features for managing event related documents
  • Assign templates for each event website to provide uniformity of theme (drag drop layout modifications)
  • Create verticals for an event in a single event website
  • Integrate Ajax into the event website for enhanced web speeds
  • Comprehensive site search to allow quick access to event specific content
  • Exclusive marketing area for analysis of user access statistics
  • Newsletter management and Contact management center integrated into the event website administrator
  • Internal messaging module
  • SSL secured transactions
  • Banner And Panel Management for managing event sponsors and Exhibitors
  • Manage News and Press Releases
  • Reporting and Analytical tools to view event website statistics
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