Role of software in distance education

Role of software in distance education

Distance education has helped to overcome various obstacles faced in imparting education to students who cannot make it to education centers for one reason for the other. It conquers the problems of logistics, transportation, infrastructure, time etc. that are commonly faced by educational organizations and students.

With the spread of internet growing across the globe it is becoming more and more accessible to all the corners of the world which also means that students now have access to better education to the Internet.

Lessons, lectures, notes, assignments etc. Can be made available online using Internet so that students can access them from anywhere. This is the fundamental of distance education. The student need not be at the premises of the university, school to be able to get education.

Distance education has quickly found a way into various educational institutions as they make available online versions of their courses which can be accessed by students who enroll into a web based courses. Specialized software as a developer which regulate teaching material, organize it systematically, make it accessible to specific users and ensure that this material is archived for future use. Distance education software store video, audio, text files and allow certain processes on them. Online form based interface help teachers, administrators and students manage their information.

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