Internet based testing

Internet based testing

Internet has not just been useful to impart education, it has also proved to be a useful tool for testing students at remote locations. Students do not need to travel all the way to examination centres to take tests for their courses. Examinations and tests can be made available online and students can sit for these exams and testing centres at various locations.

Internet based testing relies on the fact that ample security measures are taken so that only the concerns tool and takes the online paste. Measures are taken in software is to check the validity of the students. Software on Internet based testing so come with features that take care of verification of stored and identification.

The other crucial part of the Internet based testing is ensuring that examination questions appear in a proper format and correct responses are stored by the system. The software needs to be robust enough to capture children responses and store them safely in a database. The results of these examinations are computed automatically in case of objective based tests. In case of subjective tests teachers and evaluate is go through the answers and provide marks accordingly.

Reporting tools and analysis tools need to be provided with a software so that stood and performance on each tests can be analyzed and patterns be recognized for future use

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