The ColdFusion Myths

It has been almost a quarter-century since the ColdFusion introduced to the world and from ever since it has been one of the most underestimated programming language amongst developers and programmers. Of course, there are lots of ups and downs down the lane. But today I am going to talk about the myths that you’ve maybe heard about ColdFusion once in a lifetime, and being a ColdFusion Developer, I would like to reveal the hidden truths of those myths which are floating around the internet.

So without further due, here are the top 4 myths which I’ve heard from developers and programmers during my ColdFusion journey, and when we talk about myths, it means that there is no certainty of truth, it can be rumor or it can be a truth..!

Let Just Reveal It.

    1. ColdFusion is majorly aimed for HTML Developers

Well, the code of ColdFusion comes in the form of tags, which makes it easier for developers to execute them without making any extra effort and according to me, this type of functionality is the key advantage of using ColdFusion programming language. So ColdFusion is not aimed at HTML developers, but yes it makes the life of HTML developer simpler with its tags performance.

    1. You can take advantage of ColdFusion Rapid Application Development if you had vast experience in the field

To be honest, especially in the case of learning programming, we cannot judge someone’s ability with an experience time slot. If you are passionate and enjoy what you are doing, then you don’t need to wait for decades to be the master of that craft, and the same principle works for the above myth. Just with basic knowledge and syntax fundamentals you’re good to go for ColdFusion rapid application development.

    1. Server-side Debugging is limited in ColdFusion

With the help of the ColdFusion debugging perspective, you can easily debug both ColdFusion applications, and it is very easy to add breakpoints, step into and step over various functions for the codes. Just make sure that you have installed the right debugger settings.

    1. ColdFusion is no more exist, ColdFusion is Dying

(Haha ha….*Cough*…hmmm)
Just to let you know, ColdFusion is used by top 25 fortune companies across the world, and apart from that, majority of the sectors including Government, Automobile, Hospitality, Logistics, etc have built their sites using ColdFusion and rest of the others are planning to migrate their servers using ColdFusion Migration Services.

BMW, Michelin, Logitech, Pepsi, Siemens, NASA, US Bank are few names among those major players who’ve used ColdFusion and the list is going on and on.

I hope that my expertise in being a ColdFusion Developer helps to expose the truth of all the myths that are continuously and unsurprisingly popping up in your mind. No matter what others think about cold fusion, but we can’t deny the fact that ColdFusion had dominated the market with its exceptional abilities and it will continue to radiate it in the future too.

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