25 Reason to Choose ColdFusion for your Web Applications

Being a valuable asset from 20+ years among developers, ColdFusion is on a boom from ever since it comes into the market. Of course, it’s the potential and advancements of ColdFusion, that keep it alive to this day. But since the technology makes its first move into the market, it has been continuously coming up with a new version of it, and each version is better than the previous one, which sounds goods for developers and organizations who are thinking of using ColdFusion to build applications.

Just like no man should be left behind in a war, no other programming language should be underestimated in the IT industry. ColdFusion competitors come up with tactics that may lead ColdFusion to failure. But hopefully, ColdFusion cut the chase and dominate the market. A one-stop destination for ColdFusion web developers to eliminate unnecessary grunt work while building an application.

ColdFusion Security and why you need to choose coldFusion?

Well, here’s 25 rigid reasons for how ColdFusion take over others:

  1. Budget Friendly
  2. Unlike any other programming language, you don’t need to spend too much on third-party applications.

  3. Easy to use Syntax
  4. As we know that ColdFusion is a tag-based scripting language that enables developers to execute a command using native tags or by creating their custom-made tags.

  5. Security
  6. Adobe regular providing new security updates to keep your application untouched from vulnerabilities making runtime environment safe and secure.

  7. Cross-Platform
  8. Cope with modern advancements, ColdFusion programmers don’t need to download additional frameworks for iOS and Android Development.

  9. Suitable for both new and veteran
  10. The simplicity of the ColdFusion development itself makes it stand out from the rest of the others. The language is easy to learn and easy to use without a doubt.

  11. User Friendly Interface
  12. Adobe really did a great job while working closer on UX and UI of the ColdFusion, which enables developers to spend less efforts while navigating around.

  13. Advanced Features
  14. ColdFusion 2018 pack with a powerful set of features to boost web and mobile development that you’re not able to find in any other framework technologies.

  15. Object Oriented Programming
  16. With reusable and transferable ColdFusion Components, developers can save huge amounts of time and labor.

  17. User Interface Elements
  18. Features like Ajax allows developers to bind data with numerous tags while displaying data in different fields.

  19. Ability to use .NET Objects
  20. Developers can easily add new features in their web applications using .NET objects.

  21. Mapping Support
  22. With Object-relational mapping, developers can seamlessly manage the database of applications without putting any extra effort into writing SQL.

  23. Code Insight
  24. Self-examine capabilities of ColdFusion helps ColdFusion programmers to smartly use inbuilt ColdFusion components for database, user-defined functions, JavaScript, and HTML.

  25. 10X Faster Loading
  26. While loading pages of websites made via ColdFusion reduce the loading time compared to the websites built using other frameworks.

  27. Easy Refactoring
  28. Developers can easily organize or reorient the codes as they want to boost the development process.

  29. Compatibility
  30. ColdFusion can be used on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms to develop web-based applications with great ease.

  31. API Manager
  32. Code your own API, which helps ColdFusion application developers to secure and manage their API easily while increasing the life cycle of APIs.

  33. Data Base Support
  34. It helps to leverage your data with great ease while working with different types of data types. It also reduces database handling errors by optimizing client connection management.

  35. Built-In Security Code Analyzer
  36. Able to find vulnerabilities by itself present in your codes enables developers to scan new or existing applications.

  37. PDF Improvement’s
  38. Import/export metadata you can customize the content using redaction.

  39. Command Line Interface
  40. ColdFusion command line interface comes up with Support arguments, Name arguments, and direct I/O Support, so you don’t need to run the server every time while scripting.

  41. Inbuilt Performance Tool kits
  42. This kits sends you real-time updates regarding the performance of your applications and helps you to resolve issues quickly, which are degrading the performance of the application.

  43. Easy Troubleshooting
  44. You can easily troubleshoot common issues that often occur regularly like the crashing of a website, out of memory, etc. ColdFusion helps you to administrate web applications effectively without causing any harm to them.

  45. Easy Code Formatting
  46. Personalized the codes in your own way and use them accordingly in various tasks with great ease.

  47. Ease of Managing Things
  48. From custom made keywords shortcuts to the modernized admin user interface, ColdFusion is pack with powerful back-end features, which makes things straightforward for developers to acknowledge.

  49. Continuous Updates
  50. Adobe keeps introducing new updates of ColdFusion with new features and enhancements, making things easier for ColdFusion web developers.


While rumors like ColdFusion are dying keeps murmuring around us, but the truth is ColdFusion is one of the best framework technologies for developing applications of mobile and web development, there’s no doubt in that, and like always ColdFusion still dominating the market with new upcoming, and it’s going to be in future also.

Stay tuned with us for new exciting ColdFusion facts and many more.