Couriers and parcel delivery management

Shipping companies are often partner with larger organisations will need to send in large volumes of Mails to their customers at regular intervals. They need to ensure that these letters and parcels are delivered quickly and efficiently and the have some way of tracking the delivery.
Not all shipping and delivery management companies have the money and infrastructure to support high cost of hardware integrations like PDA integration, bar code scanner, printer integration. We have developed a low-cost solution that helps manage shipping delivery in a very brick and mortar manner but is extremely effective and generate useful results.
The delivery domain of the service provider is divided into deliver the areas and men are specifically assigned to each area. Packages are assigned to each delivery boy. Once the packages are delivered, all the delivery boys come back to the system in the evening and update the data that they have manually in a form based interface. Any pending deliveries are checked back into the system.
This is a need software that does not cost too much and is an effective the first step in automating and computerising shipping delivery management services by vendors
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