CMS software for Ecommerce websites

Our Company has developed a highly specialized Content Management Software for ecommerce webstore portals and web sites.

CMS features for E commerce website:

  • Ability to manage and catalog thousands of products : Elaborate product catalog management
  • Multiple stores ecommerce management system
  • Integration with Internal inventory systems
  • XML product certificate integration
  • Auto bar codes and label generation on the admin
  • Bar code scanner integration and bar code printing
  • Convenient product data entry from admin interface
  • Mass Product data import and export features
  • Intuitive ‘Related product’ generation for cross selling and up-selling
  • Ability to mark and display Featured products on the ecommerce website
  • Auto generation of site bestsellers
  • Uniform template based products display at site front-end for smart product displays on the website
  • Auto generation of product breadcrumbs
  • Easy product Classification and category management
  • Unlimited levels of categories can be defined
  • Search engine optimization at product level for the ecommrce website
  • Handle multiple payment methods like Credit cards, e money, checks etc.
  • Integration of site security certificate
  • Form builder for easy creation of form fields and email responses
  • Order management and customer management
  • Efficient site and product search
  • Tight adherence to web standards for better search engine optimization
  • Multilingual ecommerce website development option
  • Supplier management
  • Custom product creation on the shopping cart
  • Multiple admin user security and access control
  • Custom reporting and analysis tools
  • Banner and affiliate management
  • XHTML compliant content editor
  • Tight integration with internal inventory management systems

Several more features are available and can be customized for specific business needs.

E commerce CMS being successfully used by The Jewelry Exchange for management of over 30,000 products.


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