Management Systems we develop

Management Systems we develop

There are some IT solutions and software that are used invariably used across industries and Business domains. The features remian pretty much the same regardless of the function on the organizations. These are generally termed as management systems


iSummation Technologies team has created a bevy of Management Systems that ensure better and easier undertaking of day to day tasks in small and big organizations. These systems have a common basic framework and can be customized to the specific needs of the business or industry they cater




Content Management


– Enterprise Level Content Management Systems

– SME Content Management Sytems

– Custom CMS Programming Services

– CMS For highy regulated Industries

– Third Party Integration Options

– Internet and Intranet Portal CMS



Document Management


– Enterprise Level Document Management

– Light version DMSLite for SME business

– Web services & other third party integrations

– Management of Large file sizes

– Hardware Integration with DMS

– Sharepoint Integration


Customer Relationship Management


– Enterprise Level CRM Solutions


– Integrated CRM solutions


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

– ERP for manufacturing industry

– ERP consulting

– Jewelry ERP



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