Online Event Registration Software Module

Managing the event Visitors is one of the most challenging parts of event management systems.

Consolidating event visitor lists on to one common software system is seldom achieved. Manual entry of data from multiple forms and then printing and mailing the entry passes consumes time and resources unnecessarily. This challenge is further increased in global events where customers from different parts of the world must be supplied with information most relevant to them regarding the event.

Our company event management software system provides online platform for visitor registration

Online event registration software module features

  • Refer the potential Event Visitors to register on event website
  • Online payment facilities : Accept multiple modes of payment for event registration
  • Generate unique registration numbers (URN) on the website for event visitiors
  • Users can print event entry-passes online using the registration code
  • Get rid of multiple visitor lists, replaced with consolidated software contact database

Features for International event management

  • Send custom e-mails to event visitors signing up based on the area from where they sign in
  • Send an e-mail to area specific event agent every time a visitor from his area signs up
  • Mail pre-defined attachments regarding event information (based on country or region) every time a user signs in
  • Define global and area wise attachments and mail formats

Fevent related form Creation Features

  • Create Event Registration forms on your own using simple interface
  • Define E mail rules with each form
  • Export and Import data in Multiple formats
  • Store the data input in a central database
  • Custom define field names and field data entry rules
  • Set a start date, end date and Thank you message for the form

Event Related reports and Analysis

  • Get Detailed reports to analyze event user registration data.
  • Import event Visitor data from multiple sources to online database
  • Compare statistics of multiple local or international events
  • Generate Area wise and global statistics
  • Track the number of event website hits

We have successfully developed event management software systems for global event management firms in Dubai, Spain and other middle eastern countries. The systems are multi lingual and support spanish, Arabic and English languages. We provide specializes and custom event management software solutions for event management and online visitor registration. You can outsource your event software IT services to our developent centers in India

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