Online Event Registration form builder software module

Our event Management software system has an in built form builder module that helps the system administrators to generate web event forms on the fly without any programming assistance. This is a highly beneficial feature for large event management companies who generate large number of forms for all event related activities
Listed below are some of the features of our online Registration Form builder and management module
  • Ability to create unlimited event based forms
  • Ability to add all possible types of form fields like text box, radio button, checkboxes, multiple selection boxes etc.
  • Add notes next the fields
  • All form entries like event contact information stored in a central web based database
  • Event Registration Form data reports easily imported in word and excel formats
  • Automatic e-mail notification generation when visitor signs up on the website
  • Personalized e-mail notifications for contacts in the event database
  • Multiple user event form management
  • Specify the Open and Close time for the form for scheduling event forms
  • Use of Ajax in form creation to allow fast creation of fields
  • Ability to relocate the fields anywhere on the form
  • Customized field creation for fields used most frequently
  • Ability to copy event forms so that they can be used in multiple events
  • Form open and close message
  • Use of keyboard keys to move between form builder tabs
  • Ability to make forms secure in case of secure transactions
  • XHTML editor provided to edit the form text
  • Export form data and event data in multiple formats


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