Enterprise application for mortgage industry

Developed a full proprietary web software for end-to-end automation to manage Clients, Contractors, Agents, Properties, Orders, Invoice.


The Client is in a traditional service industry to serve across nation with large number of REO properties information multiple regions, huge client bases and local contractors. real challenge to bring up an integrated solution with management and user access capabilities at the level to maintain all in one business intelligence system architecture to meet the need for operations automation. Typically, a solution for user type with controlled accessibilities, Search, Audit MIS reports, Cross , Data maintenance, Media Processing.

  • An enterprise technology solution to control information flow and business operations process.
  • quality web software comprising key modules like Clients Management, Property Management, Contractor Management, Property Bid, Employee Management, Ticketing, Support, System Admin and User Management, Audit and MIS Reports, Managing Mass Emails, System Module Controllers.
  • structured database system for each module with cross data functions to generate various types of reports throughout the entire application. Developed micro search functions across the system, Search properties by location parameters, Property information verification, bidirectional real-time cross responses, employee system support and training, Auto media processing, System user log report
  • Achieved industry best Automation Practice
  • Using own proprietary enterprise solution
  • Full control over entire application and data
  • Easing Clients and Business Process
  • Eliminated retro standalone system
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Transparency and Profitability
  • Gained cross response capabilities
  • Reducing communication failures
  • Added values to gain new business
  • Helping associates to adopt technology solution

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