ChatGPT- the smartest ever AI Chatbot

ChatGPT is a new, powerful chatbot developed by OpenAI that features contextual and easy communication in natural, colloquial English. While GPT is not exactly anything new in the realm of AI, ChatGPT represents a high stage in the evolution of evolution of GPT technology. GPT or Generative Pre-trained Transformer is a neural network-based machine learning model. GPT 3 the precursor to ChatGPT (many people also refer to ChatGPT as GPT 3.5). With Open Ai’s revolutionary GPT technology AIs can take small inputs of text and accordingly output substantial amounts of relevant and sophisticated text.

ChatGPT was released for public usage on the last day of November 2022. But as users engaged with the ChatGPT app, they found it to be revolutionary tool in how people interact with machines and even the larger online world. ChatGPT finds a wide range of uses that far transcends the stereotypical image of chatbots. Indeed, ChatGPT can be of real help in a wide range of tasks that can be as different from each other as from producing business ideas to software development to something unusual and quirky but nevertheless important live Valentine’s Day gift messages. In this content, we must admit that it was not as if precursors of ChatGPT were unable to carry out such functions but rather such functions were not quite as effective and were below-par when compared to the fruits of human efforts.

While ChatGPT is just another stage of evolution of technology, it does represent a breakthrough which brings functionalities that were hitherto not possible or not of adequate quality. Forward looking businesses have already taken important steps to leverage the technology. The ChatGPT app is a breakthrough, but it will not be long before chatbots with similar capabilities find their place in the sun.

The dreadful thing about AI is that till yet it does not always function as we expect it to.  As a chatbot, it might make up answers to queries, as vehicle drivers they might ram into other vehicles. Certain authorities are extremely keen to hand over parts of governance-related efforts to ai-based systems which is dangerous. We need a formal study on the behaviour and its motivation in neural network based ais before we hand over greater responsibilities to them, something certain people term as the study of “machine behaviour”.

To be honest there has been much “under the hood” tinkering with ChatGPT from the previous iterations of GPT. And the developments hold great, great promise. You can use ChatGPT on several platforms including using ChatGPT on Android. ChatGPT anticipates and prepares us for a world where AIs can conduct tasks associated with creativity and expression.

Is ChatGPT helpful?

With ChatGPT an AI program can create solid paragraphs of content or copy in all major languages. It can also create blocks of programming code is you ask it to. The potential for the writing functions of Ais like ChatGPT has just been started to be explored and experts expect such technological functions to flourish in the years to come.

However, one of the key developments emerging from the ChatGPT app is how human beings and AI machines collaborate to performs tasks. In fact, one of the references used to create this post is a Harvard Business Review article where the professor-author collaborates on not only creating the textual article but the human author also mentions how ChatGPT can potentially aid his task of teaching students by creating suggestive curriculum, notes and even assignments.

Search Engines and ChatGPT

In short, if you know how to use ChatGPT you can see at work the various potentialities of AI technology from the realm of fiction to the real physical world. Let’s now concentrate on one key function of ChatGPT which has already found enterprise level usage including Big Tech.

A Search Engine is perhaps the most ubiquitous app in the online world and Google enjoys such a popularity in the search engine world that justifies using the brand name synonymously with conducting online searches. But it is never from eternity to eternity as the situation suggests. ChatGPT is perhaps the single most greatest threat that can disrupt the almost universal hegemony of Google in

the world of online searches. Google’s biggest rival- Microsoft’s Bing is already integrating ChatGPT with its search engine. ChatGPT provides a slew of new abilities to search engines that make it better placed to find something on the internet. Such capabilities include:

  • ChatGPT offers an interactive experience with more tailored results derived from additional information.
  • The tech can help you create you text in the form of assignments, copy for marketing collateral. Traditional search engines can only deliver you information that might help you perform such tasks.
  • The AI models are trained on exhaustive amounts of textual data and accordingly have human-like responses which betters the often automatic and even irrelevant responses provided by search engines.
  • Better and deeper understanding of complex search queries
  • Translation to and from languages
  • Ability to generate summaries.
  • Ability to complete furnished text.
  • Fix grammatical and other linguistic issues.
  • It is more specialized with granular training and is often more versatile and flexible than search engines.
  • It can provide personalized responses.

Advantages of ChatGPT Over Search Engine

Like Microsoft promptly realized, ChatGPT enjoys key advantages over traditional search engines. This realization prompted the firm to integrate the ChatGPT tech with search engines. The main ChatGPT advantages that triggered it are as follows:

  • Greater understanding of linguistic nuances
  • Better placed when delivering results in a question-answer format
  • More helpful for users while exploring unknown topics.
  • It consumes significantly less time overall.
  • It enjoys greater accessibility through use of natural languages.

Key features of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has many key features that make it well suited for projects undertaken by both organizations as well as individuals. Such features include:

  • Generate human-form coherent and relevant text making it suitable for translation between languages, chatbots and creating content.
  • It is highly flexible, and you can integrate and use it with a great number of apps through its API, you can even customize the tech to suit your project better.
  • It can create responses in varied lengths and styles.
  • It can handle multiple languages making it better suited for projects requiring international collaboration.

Future of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is perhaps the real first step in AI-based assistants becoming something more useful than reminding us of things or answer certain simple questions. With ChatGPT all that is all set to change. Users are still, discovering the potential uses of the technology. As a search engine related tech, Microsoft has already integrated it with Bing. Google too has responded to the development through its LLM or AI language models like MUM, BERT and LaMDA to keep up. While it is true that the technological equivalents presented by Google are just as powerful, but the problem lies in how Google itself restricts the functionalities of its chatbots.

OpenAI hit the headlines with its LLM-tech based ChatGPT and to its credit it has so far successfully kept the technology open and free for use which is something that ball netizens must necessarily appreciate. Google’s experts opine that AI-based chatbots could indeed be the future where search is likely to occur most, but ChatGPT as it is today cannot make it due to things like toxicity, bias and inaccuracies created by fictionalizing. But as we realize Bing is sure to try and fix that. ChatGPT is sure to promote fresh development of apps that let people search and explore the online universe!

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