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 Admin User     Feb,08 2017

Working With Spreadsheets In ColdFusion 9

Hi Dear,

The following example uses the cfspreadsheet tag to read and write excel spreadsheets using different formats. It also shows a simple use of ColdFusion 9 Spreadsheet functions to modify a excel sheet.

<!--- Read spreadsheet ---><cfspreadsheet action="read"src="Department.xls"name="DObj" /><!--- Set cell value ---><cfset spreadsheetSetCellValue(DObj,'Coldfusion',form.row, form.col)><!--- Write spreadsheet ---><cfspreadsheet action="write" overwrite="true"filename="Department.xls"name="DObj" /><cfspreadsheet action="read"src="Department.xls"query="myQuery"><cfdump var="#myQuery#">