Why choose Power BI for Business Intelligence?

The complexity, complications and challenges that businesses face is unique to each and every target market. The diversity of consumer nature and the wide differences in defined budgets, goals and plans contribute towards adding to the complexity.

The daily creation of data by businesses in our present world runs into several exabytes. Even small and medium business produce gigabytes of data (if not terabytes) daily. Businesses have become smart enough today to recognize the importance of the data they have and how it can contribute towards making smart, more informed decisions. The tasks and processes associated with the analysis of such data leading to actionable information is referred to as BI (Business Intelligence). BI is critical enough today to make or break business fortunes!

BI as a field and as a technology is still in a state of development and is experiencing rapid growth due to its effectiveness. BI is well-known for its personalized experience which addresses the unique business needs we were talking about earlier. The personalization of BI services is for a great part due to its diversified nature. Power BI for Business Intelligence software from Microsoft is one of the leading technologies that lets businesses use their data aiding business leaders to make better, more effective and more informed decisions.


Power BI for Business Intelligence finds wide use besides core BI functions like creation of departmental reports and monitoring. Its excellent recordkeeping and projection ability makes sales, marketing and advertising much simpler. At the same Power BI let’s businesses monitor data regarding teams and team-members which gives business owners and managers a better view about how the former is proceeding to achieve the objectives assigned to them.

Best use cases with a few examples

The visual Microsoft Power BI tool solves many common business problems. Further, Power BI acts as an elementary programming framework that helps organizations and businesses use enormous amounts of disparate data which is created as a part of normal business operations. Through Power BI, you can build a software system that suits your business the most. Some of the more practical uses cases of Power BI include:

  • Visualization – It is an Inbuilt feature
  • Analytics With Internal Software Systems Data
  • Server-Level Data Management
  • Streamline Organizational Processes
  • Supply complex data within software and apps
  • Enhance marketing efforts
  • Create Consistent Reporting Standards
  • Real-Time reports of the financial performance of a firm


We have passed the discussion stage on the potential of Big Data. Today, it is well proven that Big Data and its resultant insights should drive business decisions. As more companies implement Power BI throughout their organizational structure, they have experienced better business performance, higher efficiency and effective data use that the field of BI promised to bring. Let’s now have a look at a real-world use case where Power BI for Business Intelligence really shined through:


The largest cable TV provider, the famous Mediacom media agency needs no introduction. They needed a solution to measure the amount of diverse data they had and its health. The “health check” feature of the Power BI dashboard helped them assign a health score to its data that included every surface of its multi-platform media. The score was based on the ratio of “earned-to-paid media, realized customer value, and longitudinal performance.” Power BI let Mediacom get enhanced optimization levels for different campaigns both on a weekly and daily basis.

Core features of Power BI

Intelligence clouds

Power BI lets businesses create data visualizations across its global datacenters and share the visualizations with individuals and teams. Such datacenters might include of national cloud datacenters. They help businesses meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Trust a recognized leader

According to Gartner power bi (Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, March ’22) is one of the top tools in the field.

Let your business rely on secure data analytics

You can use the data from a wide set of Microsoft 365 tools and apply sensitivity levels to them using Power BI in conjunction with Microsoft Information Protection. Further, with the Cloud App Security feature you can prevent data loss and help data governance. With the BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) feature, organizations are better placed to meet privacy statutes and regulatory requirements by data security and oversight features of Power BI. Other major Power BI features include:

  • Creating a data driven company culture
  • Facilitate swift user-driven innovation
  • Combine enterprise and self-service level analytics at a single place
  • Create deep data insights which are more helpful than ever before
  • Let industry-leading AI technology answer your queries in an instant
  • Ensure that BI content becomes more correct and effective
  • Great interoperability levels with MS Excel
  • Transform data insights into action
  • Stream real-time analytics

7 Great Reasons to Choose Power BI

Get started quickly

Power BI gets users up and running in a flash. After a simple set-up process, you can start getting insights into your data very swiftly. Using Power BI requires no specialized training, and the program comes with a pre-built dashboard for common business services like Google Analytics, Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

Streamline your publication and distribution operations

Power BI gets users up and running in a flash. After a simple set-up process, you can start getting insights into your data very swiftly. Using Power BI requires no specialized training, and the program comes with a pre-built dashboard for common business services like Google Analytics, Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

Get real-time information

Power BI features real-time updating of dashboards as new time-sensitive data is streamed into the system or normal data are pushed in. This means faster problem-solving capability for the user and similarly swift identification of potential opportunities. All Power BI dashboards come with this ability to transform data and visuals with the temporal accuracy of a few seconds.

You can customize the app navigation

Thanks to the app navigation experiences bi dashboard tools, report developers can customize app navigation letting viewers find the required content swiftly and aids end-users to understand how the reports and dashboards are linked together.

You can customize security features

Report developers have greater security feature customization ability with Power BI. They can control access at row levels with RLS (Row-level security) filters. This ensures that users can only access data that are relevant to them strengthening business security.

Tight integration with Cortana

The seamless integration and functioning of Power BI with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant is especially worth mentioning. With the two, a user can simply orally ask a question and access relevant charts and graphs. This makes it possible for business owners to take decisions while having access only to mobile devices.

Use many AI-related Features

Microsoft lets businesses use AI abilities in text analytics and image recognition to their benefit. Further, users can create machine learning models that integrate tightly with Azure Machine Learning.

Companies using Power BI for their business

Many leading companies from all over the world are adopting Power BI. The list includes industry leading business houses like:



Exxon Mobil


And Berkshire Hathaway, to just name a few.

Power BI Delivers on its Powerful Promise

iSummation has been collaborating with industry leading business to develop Power BI solutions that work seamless with existing organizational processes and different cloud analytics services. With Power BI Microsoft has packed a powerful punch that businesses need to knock off the competition, so to speak. Learn how to use Power BI to your advantage, get in touch with iSummation today!

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