Wearable App Development Trends to Watch Out

The futuristic web technology has advanced several steps forward, from developing mobile applications to designing wearable app designs. Yes, applications have moved on to smartwatches and spectacles, giving the continually developing technology market a new broader perimeter and drive. This modern world technology is not just a health monitoring or analysing tool but can also be worn as a fashion statement. A dual advantage in a single gadget is what wearable technology is all about.

According to Statista, the number of linked devices will expand from 325 million in 2016 to 830 million in 2020, indicating that the wearable market will take a major leap ahead. According to Forbes, demand for wearable gadgets (Smartwatches) has increased dramatically, reaching 125 million in 2019, up from roughly 50 million in 2015.

In fact, experts believe that, despite the fact that wearables are expensive in contrast to other technologies, they are worth it.

Wearable Fitness Trackers

It has been feasible to track your health with a wristband for many years. Fitness trackers are included in our list of wearable technology trends because they are expected to continue popular in the next years.

Fitness trackers will thrive in advancements to technological developments and new techniques to track health via a wrist fitness band. With the help of synced smartphone applications, these trackers not only track and assess daily activities but also provide health suggestions.

Many fitness trackers and bands on the market track a person’s exercise, nutrition, and sleeping patterns.

Integration of Payment Gateways

This is yet another significant challenge for wearable app developers to overcome. The wearable app development company must achieve a difficult goal: contactless payment integration without causing any inconvenience to wearable app customers. To ensure rapid and safe online payment, developers must connect the app to servers and computers. It’s also critical to provide payment options using popular online payment methods.

Internet of Things

Wearable technology is widely used by people in today’s world and the most important part of the wearable technology products developed with IoT technology is the part where the sensors are located. Sensors are devices that can easily detect the user’s information required for these smart wearable devices from the environment. However, the measuring mechanism of wearable technology products is provided by the Internet of Things.

Smart Clothing & Wearables

Smart clothing and wearable are now high-tech garments with advanced technology to add functionality beyond traditional use. These smart wearables can be connected with your laptops, smartphones via specific apps and help you keep a record of your active metrics and critical biometrics.

In order to be in a healthy state, these clothes allow you to track your health and performance. The impressive benefits made this wearable technology get the market boom. As per the current market research, smart clothing that includes shoes, work clothes, sleepwear, activewear marketing will grow from 1.6 billion in 2019 to USA 5.3 billion by 2022.


Biosensors nowadays are the foremost breakthrough wearable development technology that sets itself apart from the rest. They have a good range of apps, from therapeutic to agricultural and biosensors are gaining traction in 2022 because they can effectively measure biofluids like tears, saliva, sweat, and interstitial fluids in real-time, providing real-time insights to people. However, precise wearable biosensor technologies are delivering real-time data in order to bring improvement in an individual’s daily life.

GPS Wearables

Google glass, wristbands, Spotsave are a few examples of wearable tech that gather the GPS location of their users. In the current time, these wearable devices have gained a lot of popularity amongst people as they are quite cost-effective. A single monitor can also assist guardians in maintaining protective and remote supervision of adolescents. The incorporation of GPS trackers in gadgets is critical to the development of wearable technology. Self-driving cars are inundated with real-time GPS updates that assist them in safely traveling.

Data Security

Billions of users use wearable apps and often save or exchange confidential personal data about each other. For example, the health metrics of any individual contain sensitive information and this information should not be leaked to anyone. There are many cases in which wearable app users share their information and it gets stored or exchanged. Thus, it becomes necessary to consolidate data security during a wearable mobile app development project.

Why should enterprises invest in Wearable Technology?

All businesses and enterprises regardless of the size can invest in building wearable mobile apps to transform their business productivity and efficiency. With the rising use of mobile phones, wearable devices, people can switch to apps such as Weather, Parking, Spotify, and others to enjoy the maximum benefits of their wearable applications.

Moreover, wearable app development has been a game-changer in 2022. Real-time updates can be obtained in the industry including fitness, gaming, medical, lifestyle, and others with the help of wearable mobile app development services. Users all over the world are highly adopting wearable technology to enhance their lives.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most emerging wearable app development trends and it is confirmed that wearable devices hold a high position in the future because of the functionalities it offers. Existing challenges that arise during wearable app development will get tackled by experts with time.

It would be a profitable decision if you invest in wearable app development through the right service provider. You need to consult with a wearable app development company like iSummation to clarify your requirements. By discussing your ideas with a trusted technology partner like us, our team will build effective apps for wearable devices.

iSummation develops tailored and user-centric wearable apps that run flawlessly on wearable devices including smartwatches and glasses. Our wearable mobile app developers focus on addressing the professional purpose and personal choices and we have helped several small and large businesses get custom mobile app development solutions for all wearable devices.

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