User Interface Design – Key Considerations

Design – Key Considerations

UI/UX Design, User Interface Design is vital for product development and users are the real glittering gems behind any
successful and most popular technical solution. Jointly UI/UX Designer, Frontend Developer, Graphic Designer, HTML
Developer, JavaScript Developer, Angular Developer, Technical Writer, Business Analyst taking all together to make user
experience better that significantly drives the product usability as users ultimately drives the business because users
consume your solution to make their life easy with fun.

Getting more users to engage with your solution is the most common goal and User Interface Design and User Experience
are always most important and unavoidable core parts of app and system development process. Changing and improving
demand for rich user experience always a key priority in making a widely popular & successful technology solution.
Just walking through about a few key considerations to achieve best and rich user experience.

User Experience

Identify Users & Understand Characteristics

It is well said traditionally that “Put your feet into user’s shoes” to know & understand your customer well, just
like that identify targeted users to better understand user’s characteristics and think like you are yourself into
user’s role, act like your users.

Knowing about their skills, interest, experience and figure out their requirements while finding out what interfaces
they like and watch how they use them. Do not try to add the features that your users are not aware of or help them in
completion of their tasks. So first know your user and it will help you to create the interface that will help them
achieve their goals.

User Experience

Get inspired from Widely Popular Design Patterns

Today, Millions of users across multiple geographic locations are aware of the widely used & Most popular interfaces
like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Outlook, etc. and Users spend more time using these interfaces other than
your system. There is no need to re-orient the user with a newly invented interface, these widely used interfaces will
solve some of your interface challenges. This will help the user to make them feel like this is something they already

UI UX Design

User Experience

Keeping it Simple, Straight but easily guiding

The simple interface always avoids unnecessary elements and guide the user to proceed further. Whenever you think to add
a new feature or new element to your interface, ask the question “Does the user really need this?”. Try not to add
things just because you like or want them.

User Experience

Keeping it Uniformed with Identical UI elements

Uniformed UI is the charm for everything as users always expect easy and straight operational flow with identical UI
Elements throughout the system. Once they learn to do something, they always expect to do that in a similar manner. Page
layout, language, and elements need to be consistent. The consistent interface helps the user to understand how things
will work.

User Experience

Uniformed User Interface

When designing user interface, try to be uniformed and user predictable in the choice of interface elements. Whether
users are aware of it or not, but they have become familiar with the elements acting in a specific way, so choosing to
adopt those elements when appropriate will help them with task completion, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Below are some common UI elements:

  1. Input Controls: Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Dropdown Lists, List Boxes, Buttons,
    Toggles, Text Fields, Date Fields, Range Input
  2. Navigational Components: Breadcrumb, Slider, Search Field, Pagination, Tags, Icons
  3. Informational Components: Tooltips, Icons, Progress Bar, Notifications, Message Boxes,
  4. Containers: Cards, Accordion

User Experience

Be Purposeful Structuring Layout

Knowing the users’ best interest is the key to be more purposeful while structuring a layout and careful placement of
the items that can help draw attention to the most important information and help the user to scan and read the items
that matter most.

User Experience

Strategically use Colors and Textures

Represent own uniqueness to use Colors, Textures, Icons, Buttons those can be used to direct the attention of the user,
that can help to make unique identity so choosing color combination that represent the actual context and help user to
understand easily. Always, avoid using multiple colors, Very High contrast combination unnecessarily.

User Experience

Smart Use of Typography Variations

Typographic is the one core factor matters a lot to clearly define menu hierarchy and navigation layers. So, to achieve
the best viewing easy experience always uniquely define Typographic variation but keeping it uniformed thought the
system for rich user experience. Most cases just using very limited variations for on Font Face, Style, Size, Colors do
the great job to make a rich user interface.

User Experience

Easing Error Tolerance

No matter how clear and self-explanatory your design is, Users do mistakes as they use the interface as per their
knowledge and convenience. So, design the interface that can easing error tolerance for such errors and help users to
solve with minimizing user end efforts. It must allow users to undo some actions if the user does cause an error,
alerting before crucial operation, passing actions through Important System Message and use a meaningful message to
acknowledge them what was wrong, and ensure that the user knows how to prevent the error from occurring again.

User Experience

Smart System Messaging

System messaging is the guiding torch for any user to avoid unusual or weird way of operating the system. Make your
system messaging smart enough to guide the users easily before taking such actions or after such actions, changes in
state, or errors. The user shouldn’t be worried about what’s going on after they interact with interface, a good
interface always keeps the user well informed about what’s happening and how long it may take to complete the operations
or what to be done in such critical system errors to keep users out of frustrations.

User Experience

Making Default Sets

In terms of optimizing rich user experience it is always good to be making it as “Default” for many things so that users
can experience without getting into much actions. Try to create the defaults where possible and must require that can
reduce user’s efforts. Provide systematically default settings set or Like in a form-design pre-filled some inputs so
that user will not have to fill them, there are plenty of thing can be kept as default for most common users than
advanced users.


Primarily, these are basic key consideration to make rich user interface design. However, ultimately depend on real case
to case requirement once may adopt some unique and get inspired by targeted users’ interest or reviews to achieve best
interface design making better user experience! Hurray!

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