Top iOS App Development Trends

Apple has been leading the entire smartphone market for several years. That is why the popularity of Apple devices has grown and the use of iPhone devices has been increasing, which requires developers & programmers to consider mobile app development on iOS too. The platform is versatile and allows mobile app developers to incorporate next-generation technologies in crafting mobile apps to increase usage.

Among numerous branches in IT, iOS app development is one of the most promising ones. No wonder, according to experts by 2023, the global mobile app revenue will reach over $935 billion. People’s needs are ever-changing, and companies are trying to keep up with those shifts. If you want to remain at the top position in the industry, you should consider the iOS app development trends of 2022. Otherwise, you may become a second-place player and even get displaced completely from the market by your competitors.

As you have seen iOS take a dominant role in the mobile apps industry. Let us look at some of the iOS app development trends to rule the mobile app development industry in 2022.

3D and AR/VR

Apple has made huge progress with ARKit2 in its recent release, which is the next generation of its own augmented reality iOS platform that will be released in iOS 12. Apple users will get improved face tracking and support for 3D object detecting along with the feature to measure objects with ease.

The latest ARKit2 allows users to easily create any augmented reality (AR) art piece that anyone can view later on in the same place by another iOS mobile phone user. iOS mobile app developers can create multiplayer games and simulations using this trend that was not possible earlier.

Swift 6

App development starts with choosing the right programming language and for iOS developers, Swift6 has established itself as a minimalistic tool that is why it’s easy to learn. Swift is fast, secure, and modern technology that enables app developers to create new levels of interactivity for their iPhone mobile apps.

It is widely used across iOS app development teams in popular companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Slack, SkyGuide, etc. Swift contains several important features which simplify some common patterns used in Objective-C such as generics and closures. Without a doubt, Swift is easier to read and write, maintenance is easy, and ensures the safety and stability of the app.

Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

Another emerging iOS app development trend that we might see this year is a rise in cloud-based iOS apps. Because the number of Apple users using iCloud is increasing every year, it’s not surprising that we’ll be seeing more cloud-based integrated iOS apps in the near future.

Cloud integrated iOS mobile apps provide customers with a variety of benefits, including file storage, device backup, and a secure copy of documents.

iCloud, which was introduced in 2011, is a service that syncs your device’s data to the cloud and allows you to manage it across all of your Apple devices. For example, if you started working on a document on an iPhone, you can use the same AppleID to access it on an iPad.

Use of Apple Pay

Digital spending has increased dramatically all over the world. Mobile commerce has become the most popular trend that needs to be integrated with multiple payment methods. Integration with Apple Pay is easier and it is known for its enhanced security features, convenience, and payment within a click.

Apple Pay is one of the developments of the payment gateway that accepts payments using the NFC feature built into the device. Users don’t need to keep their card details and there can be a phenomenal increase in the number of Apple Pay users.

According to the data, Apple Pay transactions have increased by nearly 500 percent. Apple Pay can be readily integrated into iOS applications by iOS developers. The fact that Apple Pay does not require you to keep your debit or credit card information demonstrates the strength of security.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

A-based chatbots assist in simulating a natural language interaction with users, simulating the experience of conversing with humans. Even bots can respond to users immediately.

Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, has achieved worldwide recognition, bringing a fundamental shift in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and contextual learning as Siri recognizes what users are looking for and saying. Users will be able to use Siri’s smart search.

The Advent of Big Data

Big data can help you improve the accuracy of your iOS app development. These services analyze customers and provide collaborative information.

Secondly, Big Data establishes a brand-new marketing strategy.

It gathers data insights and boosts sales conversion rates. Businesses can use the technology to create customer-centric iOS mobile apps. This technology uses advanced analysis to effectively secure, analyze, and manage data.


In the current market, iBeacon is a powerful technology that is getting more and more popular. iBeacon is a wireless transmitter that transfers signals using Bluetooth and it establishes the connection and pushes notifications on the user’s iPhone.

For example, the customers passing through the clothing store won’t pay attention to the ads or banners. If the customers pass by the shop, sensors connect their iPhone or iPad and send a notification. This iOS app development trend boosts sales and revolutionized the retail industry. If the potential buyers are interested, they may get a notification about exciting offers and deals.

Concluding Words

Remember that Mobile app development trends keep changing every year. Updates and new technologies are coming out that allow companies in various industries to thrive. If you want to excel in your business in the competitive world of iOS mobile app development, you should follow the trends mentioned above. 2022 will certainly be the year where you will see iPhone app developers taking mobile app development to the next level with these trends. So, stay ahead in the game by leveraging the latest trends in iPhone app development.

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