The Advantages of HTML5 over Flash

Hello, in this article I will explain to you the advantages of HTML5 over flash. As everyone knows, flash is owned by Abode and is freely available. HTML5 is a new open source platform created by many developers. Apple seems to be in favor of HTML5 since it runs better on their computers and mobile devices. Will other companies soon follow?

Flash was created in the 1990s to run internet applications. It was mainly used on desktop PCs. And of course, it was eventually ported to Mac OSX. Now flash is used on laptops and desktops alike, but it’s been causing some issues with Mac laptops and mobile devices. Flash doesn’t work well with Mac OSX, causing the CPU to work much harder than it needs to when running flash applications. And of course when the CPU is overloaded, it uses more power, and drains the battery faster. That’s only one of the reasons why flash isn’t good for laptops or mobile devices. The reason why flash isn’t working well in the modern world is because it was created for a different type of computer, Desktop Computers. So when Abode designed flash, they didn’t think of power consumption, overheating or touch screen compatibility. Now that was fine in the 1990s, but today everything is mobile. Laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers all became widespread a long time after flash was created. And HTML5 was built in the modern world for the newer technologies. We can’t keep using flash forever… HTML5 does not cause any of the problems flash does. The main problems with flash that are not present in HTML5 are: Overheating, battery drain and touch screen issues. YouTube now has a Beta Website running on HTML5 , so you can choose to watch most videos in HTML5 instead of flash. If you use YouTube try it out to see the difference between flash and HTML5! Since Apple and a few other big companies are going for flash, HTML5 looks like the future for internet applications. This means Abode has a choice to make , they can either refuse to accept HTML5, or they can ditch flash and start to develop it. If Abode doesn’t, some other company will. So this is their chance to make it or break it.