Topmost Trends in Software development Now and in Future

It’s about a digital transformation whereas Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering! Well, the current market situation is very challenging for business owners due to the crises ushered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses, start-ups are facing big challenges and technology is helping them to withhold their top position in the market and continuing driving profits.

Are you among those business leaders who’re looking for a solution in tech trends to get resolved business issues?

Well, there are some great trends and ideas in software development and technologies that will help in boosting business growth. Due to that, the global software market size will  increase by $968.25 billion in 2021 at a compound annual  growth rate of 4%. It is expected to reach $1493.07 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 11%.

Moreover, software development trends are constantly changing, but we can expect some of them to dominate in the current year and beyond. Enterprises, startups and other businesses will have to keep up with these changes if they want their business to survive. In this article, we will be discussing software development trends businesses should monitor because the coming year will see many innovations and ways to continue the use of the latest technology to drive remarkable results.

#1: Expansion of the IoT

The rise of the Internet of Things is not going to stop in 2022. Smart home systems, Bluetooth tracking devices, car gadgets, IoT devices for manufacturers, agriculture, smart wearables for healthcare and fitness are just some of the handful possible use cases for IoT technologies. The Internet of Things should be mixed with AI and big data solutions for maximum productivity. According to a 2018 Bain and Co. report, ”We expect the IoT market for hardware, software, systems integration and data services to boost by $520 billion in 2022, more than double the $235 billion spent five years ago in 2017.

#2: The Growth and Rise of DevSecOps

DevOps has been revolutionising software development methods over the years. The combined approach to development and testing unites the team for a common purpose and allows developing higher-quality software products. By sharing responsibility, software developers and testers can start building the product according to best practices without having to rebuild the entire functionality.

DevSecOPs is the trending way of implementing security practices in the software industry. Security teams don’t work at later stages but join the development process early on, helping developers and testers to optimize the safety of their operations from the very first stage.

#3: Demand of Cybersecurity

As the world becomes more online, business owners, entrepreneurs cannot afford to take cybersecurity for granted. Ransomware attacks are expected to cost digitally interconnected businesses an astounding $6 trillion by 2021.

Therefore, businesses need to take a different strategy to address cybersecurity concerns in their software development project. Traditional methods like establishing a perimetric ‘firewall’ or anti-malware application are no longer useful.

DevOp teams should include security testing during the product development to ensure that no vulnerabilities are introduced in the process.

#4: Edge Computing Goes Beyond

Edge Computing, the least discussed but most recent technology, will take the lead once IoT becomes a mainstream technology. Businesses are currently operating in a cloud environment that is rigidly configured, though this may change in the future.

Edge computing is a computing component that is linked to data processing, content aggregation, and delivery and is located close to the source of information.

Latency and connectivity issues, bandwidth constraints, and incredible functionality are just a few of the advantages stated.

It can also be used to upgrade cloud computing, which is beneficial in remote regions when connectivity to a central location is limited.

#5: Progress in Use of Modern Languages

Modern development languages are also assured to meet the demands of today’s software development companies. Those like Rust, Go and Kotlin are becoming more popular because of their tremendous features like type inference, null safety, conciseness and expressiveness. However, some experts predict that Rust will make a breakthrough in 2022. Microsoft and Amazon both recently announced big investments in Rust.

#6: Big Data is Miracle

Big data is a set of special methods and tools, aiming at huge amounts of data processing and presenting it to be understandable for users. It is characterised by four V’s- veracity, validity, volatility and variability. This phenomenon has been strongly criticised but still belongs to software development trends in 2022. The key is that big data is just a tool, and a one-size fits all approach is not better, so the possibilities of big data use have been reasonably analysed.

There are some other fields where big data can yield incredible results. Businesses can take a great advantage of big data solutions to improve revenue growth, accuracy of product positioning, efficiency for promotion campaigns.

#7: Low-Code Development for Pros

Previously, any form of digital solution required big, specialised teams of software engineers and architects. It used to be prohibitively expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. The low-code development trend, on the other hand, is here to simplify complex programming languages and provide more specialists access to a coding miracle.

Low-code platforms have the potential to transform the software market by eliminating a lot of manual effort and providing easy interfaces that allow individuals to create new programmes with little money, time, or specific skills

#8: Embracing Web 3.0

Web applications are transitioning from simple, static pages to more interactive experiences. The next evolution of the web is Web 3.0 applications. These types of applications are known for their sophistication and interactivity. Web 3.0 apps go beyond the simple, static pages standard in earlier web versions.

Web three apps are built using JavaScript and software development companies in India like iSummation, making them more dynamic and responsive. They can also take advantage of modern computer hardware for faster loading speed.

For the time being, web3.0 experiences will be restricted to desktop browsers or high-end smartphones with OLED screens. Well, experts in the software Industry are working on this issue and trying to make it compatible with all the devices.

2022 Will Be a Big Year in Software Development

With all these evolving software development trends, the coming year will see many innovations and ways to continue the use of technology to drive remarkable results in the businesses. This will be especially true as more companies achieve digital acceleration and start to think differently about how to leverage the latest technology to meet their financial, societal, and customer care goals.

So overall, the top software developments we see for 2022 confirm the core of our mission as an IT company.

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