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 Vikas     Feb,08 2017

Scroll to UI Element in jquery Mobile Framework

I am using jquery mobile framework for last couple of weeks.

Recently it was required to scroll a page to my listview item.

Jquery mobile has a method called $.mobile.silentScroll().

It requires a numeric argument for y position.


 //scroll to Y 100px $.mobile.silentScroll(100); 

Now, I need y position of the element.

Jquery has .offset() method. It gets current coordinates of the first matched element.

So my final call would be:


My next challenge was to find li element with search text.

Again thanks to jquery, it has :contains() selector to search a string or text in HTML elements.


 $("div:contains('Vikas')"); //Search a text in all div $("li:contains('Vikas')"); //Search a text in all list items 

Remember that contains() is a selector, it can return more than one elements. So you should check the number of elements by .size() method.

Instead of specifying element you can also use wildcard charaters.



The selector above selects any element that contains the target string.