Run BlackBerry PhoneGap Application on Other BlackBerry Models

I am currently developing BlackBerry Application using PhoneGap.

Basically PhoneGap is a BlackBerry WebWork project. Eclipse has plugins for that.

But when you use this Eclipse plugin, you can have only three simulators listed to test your Application.

Those three models are 9530, 9700 and 9800.

But BlackBerry has lots of Models. If you wan to run simulator of different model and test your application, then use eclipse’s run configuration.


First create new BlackBerry Application (without WebWork). Run it.

So it automatically creates its run configuration.


Now come back to our PhoneGap project, and open run configuration. You will also notice run configuration of you test application. See following:


Now choose your model and run it. After simulator started you can load you WebWork project file. Basically this .cod file is located into build directory where you created you project. See followings: