Node.js Best eCommerce Platforms

It’s more than three decades since the eCommerce development actively started and evolved gradually with many open source CMS platforms. Since over five years responsiveness and mobile eCommerce Apps are now dominating eCommerce development.

eCommerce helps in overcoming the barriers of time and distance, thereby improving your business. Retail business sharply turned online with powerful eCommerce Development technologies in use.

Now, MEAN Stack is technology stack considering achieving fast performance and scalability, so talking about Noje.js based eCommerce platforms are taking place gradually from other well known technology stack.

There are many Node.js eCommerce frameworks now in use that allows you extensive or single vendor shopping cart, develop full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace, offers a master admin panel which controls the entire portal end to end, Manage product catalogs, inventory, promotions, Billing and Payments.

Node.js best eCommerce Platforms Node.js

Reaction Commerce      Reaction Commerce

Reaction Commerce offers a modern, scalable, and reactive architecture with real time eCommerce Development capabilities. Reaction Commerce is a completely open source ecommerce platform based on JavaScript which widely utilizes Node.js, incorporates such platforms as Meteor and supports Docker, one can easily get all the benefits of containerization. Here are key features:

Flexibility with Open Source:

Full access to the open source Reaction codebase. Customize and sell anything, from digital subscriptions to in-person rentals. Open a single shop with one or more merchants or run your own marketplace. Rapidly integrate new functionality using thousands of open source packages.

Node.js ecommerce platform is completely open source so a like Reaction Commerce too.

Product & Variant Management:

Manage product catalog with simple product editor, merchandising tools, a sophisticated publishing workflow. Reaction uses a NoSQL database with a flexible product schema, enabling infinite variations to the product structure.

Reaction Commerce offers a user-friendly admin panel, so you can manage product options as well as related images without any headaches.

Universal Tags:

Dynamic taxonomy codes allow to organize products into a structured hierarchy, making it easy to build your navigation. Tags also allow you to create search indexes, categories, and links based on an infinite number of attributes, such as type, season, and sale.

Mobile Commerce

Reaction is mobile-ready just out-of-the-box responsive and can also be configured to build as a native iOS or Android app.

Latest Reaction 1.7.0 supports Node 8 – faster v8 engine speed.

StoreHippo     StoreHippo

The World floats on “Mobile” so as “StoreHippo” rightly emphasis on “Mobile Commerce” helping small and medium enterprises with great support. Offers best capability to meet digital marketing requirement SEO and Social media integrations as it is one of the best feature to revolutionize ecommerce business.

StoreHippo is the first Node.js platform for e-commerce and m-commerce. Let us quickly move around to check key features


Highly compatible to deliver mobile-first single page architecture and responsive themes. Besides, the platform offers both Android and iOS mobile apps.


Wide integration capabilities to connect external solutions, many integration features, integrate inventory with

Modern Coding and Code Free:

Using MEAN, Deliver Node.js modern coding benefits. Create an eCommerce store without Code with the aid of the platforms, since there is no need to write a single line of code to build eCommerce Apps.

Ottemo     Ottemo

Ottemo is highly scalable and considered to be one of the modern ecommerce breakthrough technology that offers versatile Enterprise Cloud Commerce Platform. Ottemo offers the easiest, fastest way to deploy enterprise commerce sites to the cloud with limitless scalability.

Open API:

Ottemo is built on an API-first open architecture. Fast, flexible APIs seamlessly integrate other enterprise applications. As new touchpoints and channels develop, or business users need new functionality, Ottemo is easily and fully extendable to meet all future needs to rapidly scale with cost-effective platform that increases operational efficiency.

Cloud Commerce Platform

Ottemo Commerce Cloud is the cloud platform for hosting, reliability, and performance giving your business the competitive edge while reducing huge cost. Ottemo’s cloud-based software offers sophisticated mobile capabilities & accessibility of Ottemo’s software anytime, anywhere with the same functionality on mobile devices that you get from a desktop computer – allowing you and your team to stay on top of the business at all times.


Infrastructure level scalability for hardware, hosting, and maintenance so you have time to put that energy where it counts: gaining new customers and growing sales. Never think about endless upgrades, monitoring servers, or code patches again. Cloud-based solution can support and scale your growth plans on-demand. Ottemo is built on the cutting-edge Google Cloud, that can handle traffic increases with ease. Specifically designed to scale and grow with you as you expand, Ottemo Commerce Cloud kicks in extra resources when demand seems overwhelming. Your site stays up through the heaviest loads.


Overall, increasing the use modern technology like as Node.js for eCommerce now evolving as most preferred eCommerce and mCommerce Platform, so as it is interesting to know that since the launch of Magento eCommerce back in 2008 that revolutionized eCommerce development built on PHP, Magento became an ideal and preferred technology platform globally within few years.

MEAN is now preferred modern technology stack that will soon become the most widely used eCommerce and mCommerce platform with increasing active development using Node.js CMS.

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