Key Benefits to Hire Remote Developers from India

As we know, 2021 didn’t go as well as we all had expected. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many businesses and start-ups and during such outbreaks, online business is the need of the hour.

During the time of complete lockdown in many countries, the demand for remote developers is increasing. Undoubtedly, the covid-19 outbreak has affected many industries and has increased the huge demand for eCommerce stores to fulfil the basic needs of the people.

Due to very high demand business have shifted their work patterns and adopted remote work to maintain social distancing between the employees.

To run your small business or large enterprise, you might need to hire remote workers for the timely completion of the project. When you hire remote developers, you can be sure that you are getting the right people for the job.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers?

Easy access to the global workforce

It is true when you hire an in-house employee for your project location is always working as a hindrance. This means you don’t have a choice rather than going to the local resources that is available to you. However, things get changed when you plan to hire remote developers, programmers, and coders. Here you will be able to get skilled and intelligent minds without paying any higher costs. For sure, this is the topmost benefit of hiring remote developers for your software or mobile app, or web project.

This way businesses can easily have access to the talent pool which is spread across the globe.

Highly Cost Competitive

Outsourcing IT projects like custom software development can help save huge sums of money. On top of that, just by deciding to hire remote software developers from India, you can augment this cost-benefit.

As per the Industry stats, the hourly rate for mid-level software engineers in the USA varies between $120 and $155. In contrast, when you hire remote developers from India, the same rate boils down to $35-$50 per hour. Therefore, it is considered a cost-saving method that no business can ignore.

Higher ROI

Most companies have started investing in modern communication and technology as well as collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, etc, as remote work has risen up due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Remote work means all the meetings and discussions will be scheduled online like document sharing, messaging, meetings with the team. Thus, companies have started investing in modern communication and technology and the return on investment is higher especially during such time.

Higher Efficiency

Not all developers work best between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. According to Forbes, 91 percent of developers believe that working remotely, autonomously, and at their work is more productive. Only 9% of developers believe that working in an office atmosphere will increase their productivity.

Remote employment gives night owls and early risers the flexibility to work when they feel most productive. This will ultimately aid you in increasing the team’s productivity, as well as the company’s.

Fast-Paced Development

Speed is an important consideration for building new software apps. By launching an app earlier than your competitors, businesses can easily stay ahead of the competition. Increasing business competition has made it crucial to deploy and launch software products faster and target users early. But when you create a product by hiring a full-time, in-house team of developers, it consumes a huge amount of time.

On the other hand, hiring remote developers from India can help your company save a good amount of time. Most outsourcing development companies have established state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources to deal with challenges in software projects and this saves the entire time required for recruitment and establishing infrastructure.

Easy Team Management

Working with a remote team allows you to be more comfortable and flexible in your management. To get your work done, simply contact your manager or team leader, and they will ask your teammates to assist you. You can manage the entire team with only a phone call, a few emails, or even simple text messages.

Believe it or not, remote work is the future, and most IT companies are already announced permanent work from home for their employees.

Hiring dedicated remote developers in India are not very hard to find, most development companies offer a hiring model based on hour, week, or month. But if you don’t know how to hire the best remote developers, continue to read this blog.

Project requirements

List your development needs in the first step towards your software product development. You must provide the list of needs and requirements to the remote developer’s team so they can quote you and tell you’re the estimated time to complete the project.

Defining project timeline

Once you partner with the remote development company, provide them with a structured project timeline, which defines everything about your project, including when it will start, what will be the project’s goals, when the first milestone will be delivered, when the product will be launched, etc. When you make a proper structured project timeline, it will avoid future disputes between the remote development and your company’s project managers.

Completing NDA

This step is crucial for your project and the company’s data should remain confidential. If your project requires confidential data to handle, you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the remote development company. This agreement will bind your developer not to use your data or disclose your data anywhere.

Discuss support

When everything is dedicated with your remote development partner, don’t forget to discuss post-release support. Like till when they provide you free support and how. This is an important thing to discuss, so it doesn’t create any issues in the future, and you can also discuss if they will charge anything for support after the fixed duration is over after software or app launch.

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