Installing coldfusion 9 On Ubuntu Server in Virtualbox

In this week decided to install ColdFusion on Linux (Ubuntu) on Amazon EC2. As I am very new to Linux and having very limited knowledge about its command and installation process I have first decided to install it on local machine so choose VirtualBox for installation.

After finish with Ubuntu installation my first chalange was how do I share windows directory in guest machine. After bit of googling I found very nice article from Joerg and help me out to work with sharing folder. Although I have tough time with sharing becuase of network adapater setting was set to "Bridge" but once I changed it to NAT process explain by Joerg work fine. Finally I am able to mount windows directory to linux to get my coldfusion installation bindary file.

Rest of the process to isntalling coldfusion with Apache was well expalined by Jamin and work smoothly. keep in mind that while you are installing coldfusion with Apache and you haven’t install Apache with its default location then before starting coldfusion installation note it down below path.

  1. Apache configuration file directory (Default /etc/apache2)
  2. Apache program binary file (Default /usr/sbin/apache2)
  3. Apache control file (Default /ect/init.d/apache2)

And just follow on screen instruction.

Hope this help you…